Raise your Frequency and Follow your Bliss – Bentinho Massaro

Raise your Frequency and Follow your Bliss – Bentinho Massaro

– “Home to the sincere and committed spiritual practitioner.” ***Video Description: Recorded on January 5th, 2013 (This video includes the ‘Being of Light…


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  1. Björn Terlegård

    If you are following your intellect on the spiritual journey you are doing yourself harm. There is no world apart from consciousness. What we see is frequencies of consciousness that we create. We feel frequencies through emotions. Does it feel good or bad? What increases your joy? Choose whatever that is. Train your ability to choose joy. To follow your bliss is the most intelligent way to live and become one with your true self of freedom/bliss/love.

  2. drollroll

    Good talk Bentinho… but a better title would be "Align your frequencies…" The magic does not depend on height… but on alignment. Align with what we might ask. A short video called Sonic Geometry explains that well. Or if you want to dig even deeper… an article titled Harmonic Evolution. 

  3. Jivan Ma

    addiction is not a problem. who told you you are getting into trouble? what has joy got to do with the intellect? They are polar opposites. The mind can be perceived to be "the problem" but it's pretend, like everything else. don't accept this idea that addiction is so different and so horrible and so special. It's there to teach you how to be more true to yourself. Follow your bliss, you'll get sick of hurting yourself, because bliss wants to feeel good.

  4. Jivan Ma

    If so, surrender and follow. If not be yourself. It's all simple. We are all in an ocean, we are tasting sea water. We are seeing see creatures, we are creating the sea that we live in through our intentions. The insight books are cool. The attention to an experience changes the experience. it's all in you. It's all in me. Everything you need is inside you.

  5. Jivan Ma

    purity, in love, accesses stuff to talk about, if you like to talk. or write or draw or sing or dance or count or come, or go or feel or not feel or tightening or loosening, dyke, whore bitch, it;s all love, it's all a bitch of a good time. Embody the total embrace the whole, who cares what you've been taught? Do you want what whoever taught you has?

  6. Jivan Ma

    ya, love is where it's at. It's where I am and want to continue to be. Fuck addiction, as a separate entity. It's normal. You and all the addictive substances are not special. You are ordinary. Addiction is ordinary, beautiful and creates many joys. You cannot escape tuning into your joy,
    you get it? Yet? He's got it. Do you want to feel better? or worse? Do you want to debate or do you feel like making love?

  7. Jivan Ma

    I get it. I call it the black hole of isness. spent last night making love to the absolute. I'm still in a blissful state. I hugged the absolute through you, I understand the silliness of running from that which I truthfully desire. I desire that which is for me in this moment bliss.' Thank you universe, thank you Bentinho, thank you absolute. Thank you for celebrating your cells with me.

  8. givemegracebumps

    Bentinho u say that if the thought of a cigarette excites u , and u enjoy it then that is ur truth ..yet this is at the core of y we have addictions from following our excitement in the moment. It seems to me that u cannot follow ur bliss without bringing in the intellect to go into future or past to rationalise where the action of the moment is going to lead u. All addictions r joy in the moment which is what gets us into the trouble to start with.

  9. MrBelievenman

    Perhaps frequency is the inner discernment of heart, mind and emotion. Discerning the emotions, feelings caused by the imagination of heart. But false imagination is to be discerned by knowing the word but also knowing the fruits of your thoughts (vibration), the fruits (effects) of awareness of these inner dimensions. Dicern by the teachings of Christ after you have recieved revelations. Let the spirit of Elohim guide you by the power of Christ, Christ knows.

  10. MrBelievenman

    Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, Simon, when I say that the heavenly realm is within you. Only when you have established the divine realm within, and overcome the demons of doubt and fear, will you discern the key to the establishment of the realm of the Eloheim on the physical plane."

  11. Biolupus

    ego's favorite game is pointing one finger to others without seeing the three other fingers ponting to itself. Nobody here is interested in your confession, dude. See what a wise man said: "the mouth speaks out of the overflow of the heart"

  12. Biolupus

    The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
    meet them at the door laughing,
    and invite them in.

    Be grateful for whoever comes,
    because each has been sent
    as a guide from the beyond.

    Source: The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

  13. David Spector

    Consciousness, or awareness, is the ultimate subjective experience. As such it is the most abstract, and has no objective qualities. It cannot be said to have a frequency, or any other measurement. We can be distracted from full awareness by thoughts, feelings, or sensations, but that has nothing to do with the frequency of any object. Awareness is, in fact, not an object but the fundamental existence in which objects seem to exist within a material world. Objects and events are illusions.

  14. David Spector

    "Frequency" is the number of times a second something moves through a path that periodically traces through the same points. It can refer to an object like a speaker, that vibrates back and forth, generating sound waves. It can refer to an electrical signal, that oscillates as it moves through space from a transmitter to a receiver. Whether a frequency is relatively low or high has no inherent judgment of goodness or badness. Frequency is not a good analogy to consciousness, for many reasons.

  15. David Spector

    I love these teachings, but I find it ironic that the microphone seemed to be lying on the table for the entire recording. Just lying there, doing nothing useful. Whenever you record in a room with hard walls (which is often), PLEASE use a microphone. The recordings will be so much easier to hear for those of us with hearing loss. Thank you!

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