RAMADAN Healthy Meal Guide & Recipes

RAMADAN Healthy Meal Guide & Recipes

Please READ this box more info. Fasting in the month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to make significant changes in your lifestyle, including losing weight.


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  1. Wyd Alhilli

    u actually should eat spicy foods because they help with losing fat and helping u get slimmer maybe not all the time during Ramadan but other days u should and portion control is very important and so is excersise I know a lot about health I'm also a Muslim and I would just like to say happy ramamdan Kareem and this video was really nice to watch

  2. Suna Seif

    am happy I found u, I was z plane of loosing around 15 killo by doing my exrcese I aleady loost 5 killo in 2 weeks my question is I perfer to break z fast by differnt kinds of fruit smooth like( banna avocado blubarry and chia seed wz almond milk ) is zat ok to go to my exercise after having z smoothy and eating a small fish wz salad plz can u explan for me am eger to loose z rest of 10 killo so I don't wann mess in this remedan thank u

  3. Raza Hassan

    Hi I am safia. I am your regular viewer.i have lots of questions but some today I will ask from you.first of all I follow your beginner exercise. first my wait was 75 .I am 40 years according to your exercise I loose my wait in four months 8 haughty is 5 4 .Please tell how much should i

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