Ravi Zacharias: Origin, Meaning, Morality, Destiny

Ravi Zacharias: Origin, Meaning, Morality, Destiny

Our origin as creatures made in God’s image is the only thing that can give our lives meaning and serve as a basis for ethical living (Gen. 1:26–28). In this …



  1. Paul McCarthy

    Does Ravi think that a Christian is less likely to cheat someone than an atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Moslem, Jew, or Sikh? Ravi is like Archie Bunker he is an ignorant narrow minded hate mongering bigot, and yet so smug and arrogant. I'm glad the Christian barber in the story cheated him.

  2. Paul McCarthy

    Ravi seems to think that atheism is the "least plausible" just because he doesn't like the idea. He doesn't back up the statement with anything which makes any sense. Communist funerals are no fun. Who cares? Does that mean that God exists because George HW Bush went to a communist funeral and had no fun? Ravi never makes any kind of sense. I think it's high time he retired.

  3. EA B

    I love to hear Ravi speak and I know he is a born again christain. But, I would like to hear him come to a more conclusive answer when speaking of the core to problems that besett mankind. To be fair to him, he does come to the a biblical conclusion the majority of the time in his speaking. The important biblical doctrine, at times, that I see missing, is the expounding of the doctrines of repentance, brokeness, conviction, contrition of sin. These are essential indewlling conditions, of the innerman, that are necessary for salvation and a exclusive work of the Holy Spirit. After, our new birth in Christ, these essential conditions of the heart, should continue for our maturity in Christ.
    Remember also, that the secular world majority isn't atheistic, they do believe in a god or a jesus, and that he loves us. But which god and which jesus are they winking at; this is the main issue that confronts true biblical apologists today. Why is the God of the bible love for His creation so unique? How is His love demonstrated and why He chooses to put to death His only begotten Son? Why does the Christian faith exclude all other gods and religions; calling them false and the works of the Satan?

  4. My public channel

    You really ought to take your one sentence proclamation on the origin of mankind and sit down with the heads of the microbiology departments at Stanford, MIT, Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Cornell and share with them your insights and how you arrived at such a sensationally stunning conclusion – that "god" made mankind. No doubt they will ask for all your supporting, third party, falsifiable documentation from independent laboratories and research facilities/institutions. I have to warn you though, they are very thorough. They will probably first ask you to produce this god figure to wit you assign the creation of man. I have to also warn you that as a guy who also graduated from a school like the ones above, these guys are really intelligent and can spot bullshit ten million light years away – so prepare yourself. Remember – the key word is "falsifiable" proof. Good luck.

  5. My public channel

    I don't know what this guy says in this video as I won't subject myself to wholesale ignorance. But I will set the record straight given he just destroyed your brains.

    1.Origin. That the phenomenal issued from a single point in time and space is a working theory that has lots of data to support. Whether the ostensible event was self contained or triggered from beyond space time is unknown and unknowable. If there is/was an agent/agency that pulled the trigger, we do not know it – and as it must lay beyond space/time, we will never know it as our knowing is relegated to this dimension in which the only way we can know something is to discern it apart from everything else – which is not possible in a non-specific, non-relative dimension.

    2. Meaning. Nothing means anything. All meaning is ascribed. it is imputed. It is decided by men. What this guy "means" to say is – is there embedded intent to convey information within the parts of the phenomenal – ostensibly imbued by a sentient agent from beyond space/time. The answer is that such a thing is foolish and unprovable and undecipherable. That the phenomenal is an infinite array of fortune cookies with intended messages is absurd. The phenomenal is governed by natural law. There is no sublime information contained within.

    3.Morality. An invention of man. A necessary invention as man formed societies and had to necessarily balance the needs and desires of individuals against the whole in order to preserve balance. Before communal living it was survival of the fittest/strongest/most cunning and matters of conscience didn't exist. Everyone represented "the other' in everyone else's mind. There is no absolute right and wrong. Mankind decides and determines what is acceptable behavior and what is not. It varies through time and circumstance and from family to family and from village to village and from country to country. There is no absolute template for our behavior nor an off planet entity to wit we are answerable. That is ridiculous pandering to myth.

    4. Destiny. There is no such thing. It is an extension and an invention of religious mythology that implies that life faces an ultimate sorting – which is vile, cynical, absurd, and childish – and unprovable. Life and all things have no ultimate destiny as all that exists is tied together and of the same thing – consciousness expressing through matter and energy. This is a zero sum universe. Nothing gets in or out. Everything changes constantly – reprocesses – transits in and out of form – rises and falls on the same ocean of consciousness as waves. Everything operates according to a principle – the principle of evolution – of patterned change – there is no ultimate form or state – or place of residence, as Christianity would espouse. There are only higher and higher realizations based on expanding consciousness – and the highest realization on this plane is that everything is the same thing. That all is one – and just as everything issued from the same single point in time and space. Segregating theologies are products of fragmented thinking which is a byproduct of duality and the illusion that separateness implies "separate destinies" born of eternal pleasure or eternal terror – which is what Christianity is based on – promises of glory supported by eternal threats of suffering. it is rank childishness. It is utterly ignorant. It is what this man represents and sells 24/7 – and unfortunately for you people, you are hundreds of incarnations from escaping its grasp.

    This man is wholly ignorant and a total fraud.

  6. My public channel

    A total charlatan cashing in on the mean consciousness of the planet which is firmly entrenched at a five year old mentality. This man is a total fraud. He spews rarefied pabulum which his unwitting clones imbibe and assimilate as golden milliliters of wisdom yet he hasn't the first clue what he is talking about. Were we to appear side by side at one of his venues he would be reduced to the blathering fool he hides so well within. All this man produces is variant strains of identically sourced bullshit – that there is such a thing as a "god" – that is is both known and knowable – and that its ostensible relationship with the phenomenal is carved into stone and chronicled in and through ancient texts – when all of that is obvious invention. Lies. Rhetorically induced misconstruction. Everyone here is far too stupid and programned to understand any of this. You are probably 500 incarnations from resurrecting your heads from your hind quarters. You can spare the world all your insipid knee-jerk responses. You are stupid. That's where you start and finish. As are all polished prevaricators, this asshole has his fallback positions which he thinks grant him instant cover and imputed credibility – his quiver of a priori statements and arguments – such as the more popular one these days – the argument from cause, which is easily dismantled. But that isn't really necessary as a philosophical construct does not a god produce. This little charlatan has the same problem all his conjoined bretheren suffer – he cannot, in anyway, in any format, in any type of reality, produce or demonstrate his god. It is an empirical and an epistemological fail. He knows this, but as I said, he will instantly retreat down his rabbit hole and start spewing the word transcendent until his brain cell explodes – except, of course, nothing transcendent can be known in our dimension and via our matrix of knowing. And so nothing can be asserted to exist either generally, nor specifically in a non-specifc, non-localizing dimension. But it's his go-to bullshit that he uses as a cloak of invincibility when he is faced with a keen intellect. And it of course works on all you people because you are stupid. You are so stupid that you haven't got the first clue that you are stupid at all. And men like this buy their lives of luxury on the backs of unwitting fools such as yourselves.

  7. Steven Johnson

    Once we REPENT of our mediocrity and once we start desiring the refreshing of GOD , we will see " GOD'S WIND " begin to fill our sails. In Acts 3: 19 We see that after repentance and conversion comes the time of refreshing in God's presence..
    Many thanks for this Message Dr. RAVI ZACHARIAS.


    Soldiers who adhere to certain codes, especially universally lauded ones, are surely worthy of admiration and respect. But when they for whatever reason, storm outwards to impose their codes on other peoples, transgressing line after line to do this, then whatever honor and respect they may have once been worthy of, is completely negated and quickly exchanged for spite and loathing from anyone with a conscience. As they reveal themselves to be nothing more than bandits and rogues.

    A case of becoming the demons you battle maybe. This is in reference to the topic of swears, curses and oaths. In the context of modern society, be it on the airwaves or on the streets. With rumored self appointed guardians of morality and social standards resorting to a wide range of underhanded tactics to shape social conditions as they see fit. Ultimately for economic and political advancement I suspect. By forwarding a laundry list or check list, of petty if not inane and random standards to uphold. Including that of fining people for swearing (a seemingly good cause, but mangled and manhandled to brutish levels)

    Mainly as a means to humiliate, demotivate, debase and belittle (through insulting intelligence among other things) subordinate groups (whole economies and communities sometimes), who depend on higher levels of this organization they are beholden to, for economic and social well being.

    Such agendas being the handy work of rogue and disgraced religious purveyors (who would be excommunicated Christians, if they were actually sanctioned by anyone but themselves to begin with). Who forward some American version of Christianity, mixed in with warped and self serving agendas, that include borderline superstitious thinking and occult beliefs even. But always with an eye on the bottom line and profit margins, to buy out and feed their growing numbers

    With one theory proposing that they are upholders of the King's English! The lesser known counterpart to the more famous Queen's English (referring to the Queen of England) we can assume. So that this King's English, or Witch Hunter General's Standard, sometimes related to King James of Britain, but possibly more linked to early Church movements of New England and early American settlements, famous for 15 century witch burnings and the like.

    So not very savory or salubrious by any means. Especially if such questionable inclinations and traditions is still being kept alive in certain sections of mass media (as some theories suggest). And through this channel, have made their way to many far flung corners of the World, including where I'm from in South East Asia. Am certain this is very far removed from what organizations like yours do, Mr. Zacharias, but should you ever cross paths with such groups, maybe you could help guide them towards the right direction.

  9. Jim Pemberton

    I love the story at the end. In my time in India I didn't have the pleasure of riding in a rickshaw, but I saw plenty of them. Even more dangerous it seems are the motorcycles that may carry entire families. But giving an intangible gift far more valuable than money is often appreciated, even among those who have great material needs. We would go door-to-door in the slums and pray for the people for free. There are those there who sell prayer, so to offer prayer for free is a great blessing and opens the door for the Gospel.

  10. Brondena Fanning

    June 19, 2018
    *THE SOLID TRUTH IS: "The heavens declare the Glory of GOD; the firmament shows HIS Handiwork. Day unto day UTTERS speech, and night unto night REVEALS knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard," Psalm 19:1-3.* The very moment we really grab hold to and believe THIS TRUTH, we simultaneously enter: The Fear of The LORD, Proverbs 2:3-6, which ultimately leads us to The Son of GOD, our LORD GOD, Savior, and King, Jesus Christ, who HIMSELF made it all, John 1:1-6! Thank you so very much, brother Zecharias! BEAU-TI-FUL! Just what we all need to hear this day (and really, every day) in order to start us on, and keep us on, that straight path of our LORD GOD and Father's Righteousness! PRAISE GOD IN CHRIST JESUS' HOLY NAME FOREVER!

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