"Raw Food" Recipe Episode 24-Jenna's Healthy Kitchen (Raw Food)

"Raw Food" Recipe Episode 24-Jenna's Healthy Kitchen (Raw Food)

Raw Food: Raw food recipes. BD Freeman of Mad TV & host of “In the Cuts” is today’s special guest on Jenna’s Healthy Kitchen. BD joins Jenna Norwood in her …


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  1. falkjinfo

    Wow that man looks like a giant next to the two women! His head is almost twice as high as theirs, so it seems. Maybe just the cam perspective?

    Oh and tx for the dish. Very cool, I'm always looking for such, also since I plan to write a utopian novel where people will eat raw vegan food only. That roll looks just marvellous!!

  2. Anna Banana

    great vid! how exactly do you make that mock meat tho? I know you mentioned sesame seeds, cilantro and sundried tomatoes…was there anything else?? What are the measurements?? I reeally wan to try this out bc i am undergoing a 30 day trial right now (currently on day 15!!) and been having waay to many meat cravings.

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