Restoration through Incarceration | Aaron Kinzel | TEDxUMDearborn

Restoration through Incarceration | Aaron Kinzel | TEDxUMDearborn

Aaron Kinzel is a lecturer in Criminal Justice Studies in the College of Arts, Sciences and Letters at University of Michigan-Dearborn. Also pursuing his PhD in Public Administration, Kinzel…


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  1. 2000ViperGTS

    Fantastic presentation Aaron and appreciate your dedication to exposing how things work. I've been fighting to change the system in New Jersey with no results even after meeting with the Governor, Lt. Governor, Senate Majority Leader and many NJ Senators. Reentry is a slush fund to pad their friend's pockets, nothing more than a dog and pony show to watch their one hand as the other hand keeps recycling prisoners who are unable to assimilate into society. Big media will not even get involved as it will expose the truth an alienate the reporters from government as the reporters will not be able to draw any conclusion than the reentry cycle is systematic, deliberate and lines the pockets of their cronies. I can give dramatic details as I am the foremost advocate on this issue in this state and I am an independent voice, although I am the founder of New Jersey Prison Reentry Group on Facebook. Keep up the great work-I would like to speak with you one day as I have at other events locally. Kindest Regards, Gary E. Meyer

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