Review: Whamisa Seeds & Rice Fermented Mask | Anti-Aging, Mature Skin

Review: Whamisa Seeds & Rice Fermented Mask | Anti-Aging, Mature Skin

Be sure to watch to the end because something crazy happens that makes me completely change my opinion of this mask! The Whamisa Organic Seeds & Rice …


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  1. Beauty And The Dia-Betes

    Hi Cheryl, you're right about it being your skin. The fermented foods used in the mask are natural exfoliators (think lactic acid). Now my curiosity is piqued, definitely have to try it! After the last couple of weeks of below zero temperatures with the wind chills making the weather brutal, I could use a mask like this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. LashawnTerry

    Great video, I use k beauty products and mask. I have 3 different kinds of that whamisa mask, it's a pain getting it on cause it's a thin slippery gel mask lol. But I love it. I'll look through my hundred k beauty mask to see if I have any other fermented mask. You can get this at glow recipe. Com as well. You being in California there are tons of k beauty brick and mortor stores you can go to.

  3. jr mann

    Hi Cheryl, I have never tried any kbeauty products, and now I definitely want to! Your skin is so beautiful. I have thyroid disease and am supposed to avoid soy products, what are your thoughts on my using skincare with soy? I've never thought about that before and wonder how much I would absorb. That mask really looks like fun. Thanks for the review Cheryl. Have a great weekend, xoxo Julie

  4. MizBee

    Wow! I've been really curious about k-beauty skin and fermented stuff, so this is really helpful!! I have a stockpile of masks I need to use (incl. Andadlou) but I'll have to keep this on my list!! xo! – Shaun

  5. Nathalie TheBeautyDiva

    Good Morning Cheryl, I LOVE this mask, I have it stockpiled in my arsenal of sheet masks, it's a little tricky and slimy to put on, but once you get over that learning curve, it's such a dreamy mask. Your skin looks absolutely gorgeous darling. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Happy Wednesday!! Love you!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

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