Review/Demo: Anti-Aging Facial Gua Sha Tool | Mature Beauty

Review/Demo: Anti-Aging Facial Gua Sha Tool | Mature Beauty

Gua Sha is an ancient Asian massage technique that, when applied to facial muscles, can improve wrinkles, sagging, eye bags, discoloration and much more!


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  1. Beth Helen

    I keep mine on my night table, it’s handy every night. Love it! By the way I did drop my rose quartz and It did break. Now waiting for another one. I agree it feels so good increasing the circulation. Another self love routine to have in our tool box that is worth the effort🌸

  2. MsKaterinaKo

    Hi Cheryl! Thank you for the lovely video. I have been using mine in the shower for a while, along with a moisturizing face mask (just a cheap one I don't mind using daily) to make it glide, that way I get two for one treatment and can just wash it off at the end! And it insures that my face gets a massage daily 🙂 xxx

  3. Free Range Diva

    Oh thanks so much, Susan! I recently watched a video of mine from 2 years ago and was shocked at the condition of my hair: thin, dry and very light in color. Compared to today it is much thicker and deeper in color and much healthier. I hadn't noticed I guess because the change has been so gradual. Anyway, gua sha can be done safely (i.e. w/o bruising) you just have to use the side of the stone and not apply too much pressure. The book that comes along w/ the stone is very helpful. I still want to one day get a professional gua sha facial – and have a massage treatment for my back, too! xoxo Cheryl

  4. LittlePoet

    Gosh you look so beautiful and elegant with your hair up. I will always love that look the best forever! Ok I am not sure I could work that pressure. Is this part of your routine now? I am so curious!!! I am jade rolling…I swear that changes the shape of your face…but I do know it must just be moving the fluid. I admit this does intimidate me! I would fear I would bruise my face!!! GREAT demo!!! xxoo Sues

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