Robert’s Deep Bible Study Don’t Drown #3

Robert’s Deep Bible Study   Don’t Drown #3

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  1. ChildofGod111

    I did some research about the peace symbol of being satanic. Through researching about it, it seems that the peace symbol is satanic. But, I'm curious if doing the peace sign with your hand is considered satanic even when a person is not referring to a satanic cult or anything satanic related. I'm asking anyone if it would be considered okay if someone used the peace hand sign as a way of greeting someone or for photos than something being satanic.

  2. Timothy Peter

    On the music side of things I was taught a while back that music carries spirit. It definitely effects you emotionally. Some of the hard heavy metal is bad, full of messages of hate and anger. Classical music is soothing, they also say music calms the beast. If you play some of the music backwards it's satanic, and the videos are definitely satanic, or perverse. Also the stuff on the Heavens opened some revelation for me also. Thanks Nice study

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