Scott Kiloby & Bentinho Massaro “From Doubts to Freedom”

Scott Kiloby & Bentinho Massaro  “From Doubts to Freedom”

– “Home to the sincere and committed spiritual practitioner.” ***Video Description: (Part 1 of 5 – Saturday Morning) In this weekend retreat, Scott Kiloby…


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  1. Björn Terlegård

    No one cares about my depression except for me. If I care about my depression it is because I have created a story where depression means something to me so I have to be concerned with it. I made depression into a solid thing that can hurt me or that I try to avoid. Suffering. There is no "better" experience than the one I am having.

  2. Björn Terlegård

    Real happiness is causeless. It doesn't depend on my circumstances matching my ingrained image of happiness. What if happiness is always available? What if I can be happy without getting the ice cream, job or experience I thought I needed to be happy? What if I don't need to solve my problems in order to be happy? Wouldn't that be liberating?

  3. Confusius

    I don't want "happiness" (although I don't want "unhappiness" or losing current level of happiness too). I want peace. But it seems that on the other level I don't. That on some level I want to create resistance and rebellion. There seem to be some kind of dissonance between two levels of me and I don't seem to see myself clearly enough.

    You are talking a lot about "happines", while I resist to the idea of becoming more happy or more excited. It's not what I want. I've already experienced a very high level of happiness, excitement, joy and ecstasy in my life; maybe even it was a maximal level of them for my body, because I was so tired of happiness that I needed to rest. (Maybe it was easier for me to become that happy, because it's possible that I'm HSP or even VHSP).

    What I want now, is peace. But for some reason I don't want to "decide to be ok".
    "As simple as giving myself permission" – are you kidding?! "Giving myself permission" is NOT simple! Haven't you heard of internal conflicts?

  4. superjumpingjason

    Scott kiloby is so irritating! First he says "let's have a dialog" and then no matter what anyone says his reply is "that is just a word". Of course it is a word! how else can we talk about anything?! I understand the difference between the word "fear" and the actual experience the word refers to. If i don't use the word "fear" the experience is still the same!! What is his point?? Seems so flippant and insulting!

  5. Eckhart Fonemy

    Bentinho is a liar, and his face will appear in the dictionary as LIAR. Satan the Devil is fueled by this liar, who makes up the body of the Evil Ghost more than anybody I have seen. Bentinho is Satan's beloved prophet of lies, and he is infested with the lust of subtle self-worship.

    Bentinho is possessed with Demon Generals.

  6. delagrazia

    at which point in time?If being soul connected is our natural state ,what "glued"us to the body so strongly as 2be enslaved by its chemical processes,I mean that no matter how spiritual you feel pain disconnects you -How many of the teachers would b"ok"if abused-tortured,(If they were fed junk breath bad air+not b able to exercise,meditate),if they cant do that+ctrl their body whats the point

  7. delagrazia

    yeah well you hit the nail on the head coz isnt that the fundamental"problem"-question in ALL the teachings?suppossedly u r supposed 2b happy inside even while at pain-nevertheless we are attached to the body +so the body affects us-i dunno if one can stay connected 2spirit in such cases(of extreme pain)+not disconnected+brought back to the body(pain)
    i suppose though thats the goal
    my question is,>at which point we got so attached 2the body primarily instead of primarily to the spirit/soul

  8. Taooflilly

    Actually no, Ive been in that state and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could be tortured and remain happy. Torture is just an experience. If you can realize that it is your body that is being tortured and not your being, the you are free to allow any experience and remain whole and unmolested in the self.

  9. Mike

    Happiness isn't just about choice. If he was tortured physically, e.g. his kneecaps were drilled, then this would disprove his idea that experiences have nothing to do with happiness. An extreme example yes, but it destroys his idea. His idea IS mosty true, but not as much as he makes out.

    Shame he hasn't realised this. He is too attached to the idea perhaps?

  10. fLow

    We all seem to believe that we have to deserve the thing we want. What usually happens when we allow ourselves to be happy is doubt and all sorts of thoughts about why we should not be happy. Then all the negative and guilty emotions attack that wellbeing. I don't know if this is the ultimate realization but it's very important. You could go your whole life chasing something you want when it's already here if you just allow the negativity to pass through. Might just be that easy. Gonna try it <3

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