Secret to Living a Perfect Life – Law Of Attraction- Part 1

Secret to Living a Perfect Life – Law Of Attraction- Part 1

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  1. Kutak Igrica

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  2. Theodore Lopez

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  3. mfsarwar7

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  4. Nebil Nobel

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  5. Sahamir Mondol

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  6. Simion Alexandru

    Yes, we are all eternal.
    I would call a lifetime exactly that: A lifetime.
    I mean, "a life in this specifical body, right here, right now"
    You can lose a life, you can't have a life : YOU ARE LIFE ITSELF.
    That's why the most powerful statement in the world begins with two words
    "I AM"

  7. SuperLmer

    If life was perfect we wouldn't need to listen to vids like this one…However, I am grateful for this vid. It's all in the mix and we have a choice…Even if our lives were perfect we would still have to deal with the imperfections of life. When it's not perfect then we have a choice to make it perfect according to our own desires. And I am good with that. It gives me something to work with. Thank u for sharing this info…

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