Self-Love & Aloneness – Bentinho Massaro

Self-Love & Aloneness – Bentinho Massaro

– “Home to the sincere and committed spiritual practitioner.” ***Video Description: In this talk Bentinho speaks on the common feeling of loneliness and…


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  1. Lacita Fleming

    We live in a society that teaches us we need people to be happy when this is further from the truth. There are a lot of ppl who will need a lot work on this but when they come to the realization of what they are they will understand their power. This was very good!

  2. Talia

    Hi Benhinho (Ben), I wanted to share an experience and the Aloneness that led to the feeling of loneliness that I never experienced before. Once I have experienced the Source as you mentioned, a total darkness of space and just isness/being. When i was in that place, all is well without any feelings, I was able to see but I had no body just consciousness. As soon I had a thought/question, somehow automatically a flow of energy expanded from my point of consciousness in a form of a spider web and at the same time telepathically this energy was information/wisdom answering through this space as far as you could receive and be satisfied with the answer and even a thousand meanings on top of that. With this flow, there was bliss/amazement as well as understanding of all revelations given. It was an intense awakening, however what I thought about once back in this reality, I was alone in that place within consciousness, so I was so truly grateful of this reality/creation so full of life. So now, I understood how people have this feeling inside and possibly where it comes from and at the same time we can choose creation if we feel this aloneness and have all the company we could ever want! Blessings of love, Talia

  3. Neel Fast

    About 20 years ago I realized that Loneliness was a feeling I shared with every human being on earth at some point. It seemed like such at paradox that the feeling left me immediately and it has never returned other than on the surface for a moment once in a while. Today i appreciate being alone so much.

  4. Paxson

    I have listened to a few hours of Massaro now. From my perspective, he is genuine, and even tho I must be twice his age, he somehow comes from a place of great wisdom. It has all resonated we "me" to a significant degree. "That's all I have to say about that." So Forrest might say. And, after listening to this, I might quote Forrest again, "I may not be a smart man, but I do know what love is"

  5. Confusius

    The more I surrender and relax my mental effort, the more I doubt and panic and it tempts me to think over something, to think over if this is really a good idea. It's so hard for me to give myself permission to just relax. Is it normal or is it because I have an OCPD? I would appreciate some help with that.

  6. Kesavan Namboothiri Krishnan

    Humans try to believe God to stay out own true Self. Guilt makes them depend on odd things and prophets and God. But the rites are really intended to be living in the inner being at present without haunting divinity out. But people perform these rites to escape their guilty consciousness. Actually when we choose to be Spiritual there won't be any guilt also will be recognised as only thoughts or ideas and hence boundaries of Religion and unwanted faiths will disappear eternally.

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