Sensitive Skin Current Routine and Skin Fasting | Mature, Anti-Aging

Sensitive Skin Current Routine and Skin Fasting | Mature, Anti-Aging

Here is my current skincare routine for sensitive skin. And have you heard about skin fasting? The idea is to give your skin a break from moisturizers, exfoliants …


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  1. Maureen Bouey

    I was forced into skin fasting – though didn't realise it was a thing – when for the first time ever this summer my skin suddenly reacted like it had been in a chemical fire. I was so puzzled because prior to that I could use anything and had been going fast and loose with acids, Vit C, A….almost you name it. It was going to a dermatologist when it didn't get better (I'd stopped all the actives but was still using oils and gentle creams) and in fact got worse and felt like sandpaper. No history of sensitivity at all and so I was confused. She made me stop everything (even my Avene thermal water) and just leave it alone except for some proactiv ointment she prescribed which thank goodness started to settle my skin down in just a couple of days. that was back in July and I'm finding I still can't use lots of my skin care and am now using just Bioderma to cleanse and then some 10 balm with a bit of squalene oil in it. I have a new respect for my skin now and will be much more circumspect in the future. Great video! 🙂 xo

  2. Muttonstyle

    Funnily enough I'm getting a sore patch at the corner of my mouth due to new products. Vit A, Vit C and matryxl has been introduced recently so I think I need to cut back for a week then reintroduce.i.only used to use a serum and a moisturiser plus glycolic so in a way have been permanently fasting but as I said I've just started using a few vitamins.

  3. Susan Lockwood

    Excellent video, Cheryl❣ I have very reactive skin due to an autoimmune disorder, so no retin-A, coconut oil, argan oil, facial scrubs, heavy oils, heavily fragranced products, or products with lots of essential oils. I "skin fast" quite often; I can never do the product layering that I hear most women talk about…3 products (at a time) max. I always prefer to sample products, first, due to my skin sensitivity/reactivity, but that's getting harder and harder, anymore, as few lines offer samples. I did, recently, try Toups and Co. Frankincense Face Balm as it has a very limited ingredient profile. My skin liked it; I use just a pinch on chilly nights. Please, let us know how your GOW sample works for you; I've been curious about their offerings. Also, I've been curious about a line called, "Elaa," but can't find any, recent, reviews or samples. Peace and blessings, dear lady❣ Glad you are feeling better…🌻

  4. d p

    Hi Cheryl! Do you think that (some) of your skin sensitivity might be stress related? Just a thought as you mentioned how great your skin looked & felt on vacation and then when you got back you said the sensitivity started again. I'll be looking into that Devita hyluronic acid serum. My skin care routine is a gentle non soap cleanser, moisturizer. A.m. gently cleanse, vitamin c and moisturizing sunscreen. I've been "fasting' from retin a, only using 1x week at 0.05%.
    As you know I use Jane Iredale mineral powder (thanks to you, Cheryl!) and I am about try the Iredale cream foundation; minimal makeup. xoPatti
    p.s. one more thing: Ladies and Gents beware of SheaMoisture(brand) peace rose oil cleanser for sensitive skin…I purchased last week and OMG how my eye burned! And it is made for "sensitive skin" and marketed as a makeup remove and cleanser…ouch! brought it right back to Walmart.

  5. Dee Mari

    Hello Free Range Diva. I have been enjoying your videos since I came across them a week and a half ago and have been watching a few at a time daily to catch up! I've been a GERDS sufferer since my teens. Two years ago I started experiencing terrible burning and itching all over my face. I thought I'd go crazy especially since I have scalp seborrhea for many years. My doctor said it was rosacea. One day I went to click on Amazon and lo and behold there was an advertisement for an oil that helps seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis. So I figured I'll try. OMG! When the oil arrived I applied it immediately and the burning and itching was gone! That was about four months ago. I couldn't believe it. So this Tumanu oil, cold press, organic really worked! Now whether or not I have rosacea I will certainly ask my doctor if my GERDS have anything to do with my skin condition.

  6. Phyllis P

    I've been skin fasting forever and didn't know it. While all the products I bought just sit here! Just bought Alba After Sun 98% Aloe Vera Gel. It feels so good on my skin. I've just had the GERD too, and an ulcer. My skin is so sensitive. Red cheeks burn. Need a break. Going "earthing" on the NJ beach tomorrow. Also found an Organic Supermarket in Cherry Hill, NJ that sells a little DeVita. Hugs xxoo

  7. Nathalie TheBeautyDiva

    Good Morning Cheryl, wow this was an excellent video, I have never heard of skin fasting, but it makes perfect sense, just like intermittent fasting does wonders for your body and overall well-being. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great weekend my gorgeous friend. Love you! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  8. MizBee

    Wow – I never realized how extreme sensitive skin be! I do like the idea of the "modified" fasting – 1 night a week just cleansing, to see what my skin would do! I also really like the idea of aloe based products for simple skincare. I may just try it! Will be so interested to continue hearing your journey with these products; I would love to try Garden of Wisdom – there are so many items on that site that sound good. And I was anxious to hear how you did with the macula oil; when in doubt, I use that, if I'm worried about over-doing actives. Fascinating video, Cheryl! xo hugs! – Shaun

  9. catmama54

    I have very sensitive skin and can't use a lot of products. I rarely do masks and can't use Retin A. On occasion after cleaning I will go to bed bare face.Nothing,no moisturizer and wake up and it looks fine and doesn't feel bad. European women aren't as aggressive with their skin like we Americans and i think they have the right idea. You look very pretty,love the hair.xoCathy

  10. Skincare Talk Radio

    Hello Cheryl! Yes, G.E.R.D is mighty powerful and most people do not take serious. I'm so sorry you went through this but happy that you have it under control. Absolutely, just letting the skin "be" will activate the healing process. I too use Aloe Vera and be done with it along with jojoba oil whenever my skin feels a bit sensitive. A large brim hat and glasses whenever possible. I agree, introducing your skincare products in baby steps advisable. I'm always careful with soaps for many reasons most especially those products including essential oils. Yes, Cheryl, sometimes botanical oils can be an irritant to very sensitive skin but most do well with Jojoba as it is NOT an oil but a liquid wax ester. Thank you for sharing your journey. Always a learning experience! You're one of my favorite you tubers! Have a beautiful and blessed weekend! Cieloscent-

  11. Palladio 747

    Skin fasting sounds like some made up name for what has always been advice from Dermatologists! Someone will always find a way to profit from something that is anything but new. When my children were born many decades ago pediatricians advised against using "baby lotion" on their skins because of possible reaction and because when you add products that alter the state of the skin it weakens the skin barrier and reduces it's protection. Of course that is not popular because it flies in the face of Johnson and Johnson marketing.
    I am a big fan of Dr Dray. She advocates treating your skin as gently as possible and that all you need is a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer for sensitive skin and sunscreen and that throwing lots of acids on your skin and anything but the most gentle exfoliating will cause your skin to rebel. Anything with fragrance or botanical oils has great potential to cause major irritation and even if you use products with these ingredients for a while you can develop a reaction at anytime. My Dermatologist has told me exactly the same thing.
    I tried the DeVita Perfecting Time Moisturizer even though I hesitated over the citrus oils in it and sure enough, it set my face on fire. When you stress your skin out you have no choice but to back off everything until your skin barrier can recover. Please take care with your beautiful sensitive skin when adding back so many products. Cheers!

  12. AlohaJenn’s Beauty Blog

    Aloha Cheryl! So to hear your skin is doing much better! Look beautiful, and that glow! 😍 I love to practice skin fasting! I practice by cleansing, antioxidant serum in AM followed by SPF, then PM I cleanse, use my age defying serum, and moisturize. I practice this for a week. I like the idea of a one day a week Skin fasting with just cleansing your skin at night. I think the Manalo Unveil would be a great product to use for this type of skin fast. I’ve tried the Ayana Skin fast, an my skin didn’t do well with their soap, but Cream Rich was fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend! Sending many blessings your way! Hugs! 😘🤗🌺💖

  13. Kelly Joy

    Hi Cheryl! Linda from Youtips4u here on youtube has a video for a 7-day steaming treatment that I’ve been doing at the change of each season (so far I’ve just done it in June & now for Fall, but I plan on doing it again starting Jan. 1st)-I call it my “skin detox” (that’s not what Linda calls it, but I do because it’s very simple)-keeps the skincare routine simple, for 7 days anyway. I dont use the occlusive she recommends at night, to lock in all the goodness, I feel maybe any oil could do the job. Watch the vid & see what you think!
    It feels like a skincare “fast” to me 😏
    have a great weekend! xo

  14. VirtuDiaries

    As someone with Rosacea (overall mild case), I have to scale back on products periodically, especially at this time of year. No matter how well I prep for it, my skin just gets annoyed. I like Devita products, but can't use them all (coconut oil), I use the body SPF and like the hyaluronic gel. May have to check out the cleanser as well as I am in the market for a new gentle cleanser. Thanks!

  15. mary ann Gonzalez

    Hi Cheryl this really hit home with me , my skin has always been sensitive plus acne Retinols salaclic acid were horrible for my skin now I realize many oils too can irritate Since breaking my ankle and surgery my skin has been super sensitive I have read about the skin fasting Since I am not going back to work till Oct 15 I will be starting this tonight I usually use Andalou coconut water in the Am and devita in the evening but will try the Devita am and pm I love the serugel in am and pm but will give it a go of just cleanser . I actually got the ayuna soap and cream in the beauty heroes monthly box . The soap is lovely but the cream even thoug its not heavy contains a lot of ingredients and during the hot days itched my face a bit . I use it on my neck and chest with no problem .Have a blessed weekend beautiful friend 😍😘

  16. My Life_Wendy

    This is so amazingly timely as I just started something like a skin fasting (yesterday) because I felt I need a skin re set.. I have been using the Miracle 11 cleanser and Neutralizer mixed together as my cleanser.. thats it.. so far (I mean it has only been 1 day) but I my skin feels wonderful.. I may have to do a video on this after a week of doing this see what the results are .. I am going to have to try Devita it sounds amazing!! I cant believe how timely this is for me!! Big Hugs and so much Love my Gorgeous Friend!!! Have a wonderful day!! Xoxoxo

  17. Chantal Tremblay

    Love your videos. I was intrigued when you mentioned that you had developed an internal burning that flowed out into your skin. I appear to be experiencing something similar and was wondering what you did to resolve your internal issues? Will be looking into the Devita Skincare products.

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