Serious Inspiration for Middle Aged Women, How to Stay Thin, Young and Beautiful

Serious Inspiration for Middle Aged Women, How to Stay Thin, Young and Beautiful

One of the most inspirational videos for women about being fit, fab and super healthy at middle age. See what seven amazing women all have in common to stay thin, beautiful and ageless. Age…


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  1. amanda harland

    I'm watching this everyday until I reaching physical to the goal. Hey I don't know if you open to recipes from subs. I just made thjs for the kids. It's raspberry lemonade Frozen raspberry Frozen dragonfruit1 lemon all but the peel Maple

  2. Mara A

    Soil is not depleted. Soil needs amendments 1-2 times a year SOME farmers don’t replenish the nutrients in the soil. ….. taste, aroma, nutrition tells you if they have it or not…….. that is why I grow my food back to eden style!!!! I eat non Gmo pasta that my farmer grows back in italy…… don’t need to be extreme if you know the quality of food. I cannot buy anything in U.S. supermarket

  3. Jacqueline Oscvirk

    This video really made a difference for me!!! seeing the testimonials and hearing women stories truly has inspired me and given me some support. The raw vegan pass can be very lonely and you can face a lot of opposition. it’s really great to hear other people stories and their successes and how it works for them. Thank you so much!!!💕❤️💕😘👍❤️🙏🙏

  4. Mike Cola

    One way to lose weight fast is with intermittent fasting. Not only can you lose weight quickly but it is a very easy diet to follow. Most people have a lot of misconception about fasting and think that it is an extreme thing to do to lose weight but in actuality it is safe and possesses a number of health benefits.

  5. Nikki Bell

    interesting i realise what you eat is important but i wonder how many of these women have had some form of cosmetic intervention and possibly don't lead a life Having to work to live, paying bills , family health problems , low income – i'd love to avoid stress . I do have a healthy life but I actually live in reality an my face is animated and i'm all natural I'm 53 an do not look my age naturally ! !

  6. Clean Living in Crete

    Insanely fantabulous!!!! have sub'd to this channel and saved the video to watch it again..I am planning to make a fit over 50 video so was curious to see what else is out there. I consider myself still fab at 50 but these ladies…OMG they are amazing…I feel so inspired. thank you so much. If anyone wants to take a look at me please do so…and tell me am I fit over50?

  7. ganas dti

    I respect all the advice they are giving about nutrition but that does not necessarily apply to everyone cause we are all made different therefore our individual bodies have different needs, what works for some may not work for others and vice versa, you have to be your own scientist and experiment with your own body and figure out what works for you, I speak from experience, I am 48 years old myself, I'm 5'1 and weigh between 110 and 115 And look like im in my late 20s or early 30s, being a vegan or vegetarian MAY help you LOOK younger and HEALTHIER but it's not a guarantee cause I know women that are younger than me and are vegans and vegetarians, exercise and live stress free lives and I still look younger and am healthier than them and I'm not even vegan or vegetarian, LOOKING YOUNG has alot to do with many things but mainly genetics, everything else helps but if you don't have good genes you can't do too much, unless you aesthetically go under the knife, also not everyone can live healthy as a vegan or a vegetarian, some people actually hurt their health with that lifestyle, I known this young woman that lives that lifestyle and had 4 miscarriages because of that, she has low iron and very little folic acid, the doctor has told her that, she also has anemia, he told her she needs to change her lifestyle of eating and she refuses to do it because she's obsessed and brainwashed into believing that one can only be healthy with that lifestyle and that is not true cause I am an example of that, I eat healthy and exercise but I do eat meat, I don't indulge in it but I do eat it cause I know my body does well with it, you have to listen to YOUR body people, it's not about what is healthier in general, it's about what is healthy for you.

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