Sermon on the Mount (part 2) Lust and Adultery | by Lex Meyer at The Grafted Church

Sermon on the Mount (part 2) Lust and Adultery | by Lex Meyer at The Grafted Church

Lust is rampant in our world today, but we need to be people who walk in holiness and flee sexual immorality. Yeshua taught in the Sermon on the Mount …


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  1. Harold

    This was such a great message!
    Do you think we should not feel temptation? In other words that such temptation will go away for ever! Or that we must learn to fight that temptation? In other words, you will be tempted but must learn to control it for the glory of God.
    Because even Paul said is better to marry than to burn.
    I believe this is such a big temptation that even the angels fell for it. It says “they saw the daughters of men that they were fair”.
    I wonder if this is why the devil chose Eve and not Adam, he was probably watching her.
    But then its like weird, because it wasn’t until their eyes where open that they saw each other and had children. Which God also commanded to fill the earth. But how with out noticing each other? Maybe He was going to show them in another way, maybe watching animals or something but the devil accelerated the process, I don’t know.
    But how will you enjoy marriage if you don’t have that feeling towards your wife!
    It makes them feel like you don’t like them anymore if you don’t feel for them in that way.

    Also if we go to the commandments it talks specifically about not committing adultery and not coveting your neighbors wife. It was specifically to married men to don’t commit adultery. And to single or married men to not desire another man’s woman.

    But it doesn’t talk about single men desiring single woman. It doesn’t say its wrong to desire, its not until your married and you desire another woman or you desire someone else’s woman that it actually becomes a sin.

    Im not saying that, this gives an excuse for single men or woman to have intercourses with multiple single men or woman.
    Because I think, I’m not sure, that having intimacy in those times was considered marriage. Every time they join one another in intimacy the Bible says wife. Like when Sarai, Abram’s wife gave Hagar to be his wife. It was about intimacy to have a baby. It says “and gave her (Hagar) to her husband Abram to be his wife.
    Paul also says in 1Co 6:16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

    So what I’m trying to say is.
    Is it the temptation that is wrong? or not controlling your self in that moment of temptation? Because its obvious that, such temptation will always be there since the fall of man.

    Believe it or not. There’s many men and woman that feel that they will never attain the level of spirituality that their pastors have because they feel they should never feel these temptations. Even though they fight it they believe they must never feel it.
    And therefore they elevate them up there in a position of almost perfect men.
    Because they believe pastors or godly men or women should never even feel this. Why? because this subject its always preached against but its never taught on how to fight it, because its never accepted to be a normal feeling in the flesh. So the sheep automatically assume that such temptation must not even be felt to be able to call your self a man or woman of God.

  2. Vorka Vaako

    This is an issue I have been dealing with. It is the main sin that keeps me from having favor of God. I have recently come back to the Lord after being a backslider for 23 years he has led me to you through your channel unlearn the lies. I try mostly resist but still fall short, please pray for me Lex. Thank you and may God Almighty bless you and your family.

  3. Jodie

    Thank you Lex. HALLELUYAH.. hey I have a random question. I am finding it hard to incorporate tzit tzits as commanded on all four corners of my clothing – some said I could make holes in everything or wear a belt with my skirts. Is it totally wrong to start off or wear them as bracelets? I would see them better anyway 😮😣sorry

  4. The Broedels

    Another lie of satan: "Just because you're in the doghouse doesn't mean you can't bark." Excuses, excuses… and the jokes, the immoral behaviors, etc. are all condoned these days. People call good evil and evil good. We really have to do whatever we need to do in order to keep ourselves holy. Be grateful Yeshua knows your thoughts, and not the evil one – think about it. The adversary, his spirits and demons can implant thoughts in your mind, but can't read your thoughts. My temptation, as a 65 year old lady, is being tempted to be lukewarm. And that can keep us out of the Kingdom, He will vomit us out. When Adonai, Yeshua, the Ruach admonish me I may feel bad, but I'm glad they are there to correct me. And they are the only Ones I completely confide in. I know they love me and consider my best interests. We can trust Him, He can help us with all things… sometimes we don't know how, yet He will do it. I know people close to me who have struggled with lust and pornography. Rejoice that Yeshua knows our thoughts, repent and at least He will help us endure. Whereas satan puts the thoughts in our minds to destroy us. One more thing, I've heard women encourage their children to be sexual…this is also leading His little ones down the wrong path. Thanks for bringing this up, and thx for the kicks in the nose. We have to set our minds on the things of God and not of the world. Sorry I rambled.

  5. Biblical

    Thank you for addressing such a delicate subject in a very direct and unflinching way. It is a scourge among God's people today and will lead many astray. As you point out – Satan continues to use the same tactics against us. We all need to hear this message as it destroys all who pursue it.

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