Soul Connection 35 – Extramarital Affair – What to do about it ? – Sr Shivani (English)

Soul Connection 35 – Extramarital Affair – What to do about it ? – Sr Shivani (English)

Join Sister Shivani who shares in this video that partners often drift away due to rejection in a relationship. It is an emotional wound that we need to help the …


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  1. Raj R

    This lady has no clue of the issue that she is dealing with. She just talked a lot about the husband side. Even there she never addressed the fundamental question as to why he needs to forgive her.

    The women in extra marital affair is primarily committing sin and destroying the marriage and family. If she doesn't call that as adultery and help her to repent and change her life, healing is never going to start. She is justifying her actions indirectly.

    In all, she has no clue of the gravity of the issue. She wants the husband to deal like a business man – he wants her back, so he should do it.

  2. Srajamya Singh

    In the similar case what if the elder child of that lady only knows about her affair with another person , no one else knows about this and he /she is living away from the family .
    What step does he/ she should take to get his/her mom back to them?

  3. Divya Shreea

    Sister shivani is 100% is possible to solve even this type of crisis..Even in my relative circle husband left wife having 2 children and had another affair with a woman..But her wife wanted to live together again seeing the future of the wife and 2 children along with the support of family were praying and sending so much of positive energy and within few months later husband came..The wife and all the family members forgiven that husband…Now they are having a wonderful family ahead… But the family support is so much much important in this cases..

  4. debamita ghosh

    I loved this video.. but one thing I realise that love is a craving of the soul..When it gets attracted towards other soul and that too for such a prolonged time.. i feel it's wise to respect that love with the other man the way it is… Perhaps it's best in that way! She s perfectly in her own place.. feeling loved..Giving love! Each relation has its own place..But why to hurt and harm the other relations? She can be the loving mother and loving wife without stopping her love for that other man! Love s just a light..Just a positive energy to keep us happy! But why to mix it with the other relation and spoil it? The man is perhaps her soulmate.. let him be so.. and let her play the perfect role of mom and wife as well! I think each relation has its own place and importance.. and she should be matured enough to deal with this

  5. jalpa mehta

    I think these are very wrong and orthodox beliefs of generalising the facts for everyone and playing blame game or victim card. We are living in highly complex world where there are lot many things to influence people's thinking and actions. To play blame game and guilt card and conclude that kids will have a major trust issue in relationship or not believe in relationship at all is very immatured way of thinking. Today kids are very advanced in their approaches and are able to decide very fast what works for them and what doesn't. Not to forget that they get very much influenced by peers, things benefitting them and their temptations which highly depends on age and genes. As far as negative energy is concerned, it's a very one sided thinking that positive energy can be brought about only by retaining the wife against her will. Some relationship die natural death and it's not necessary that the wife had faced resentment for long. Clearly moving on will be a better choice as by doing so she will be giving her husband also a fairer chance to make his life worth while or if she is held back then efforts will have to be made from husband, kids, family and wife too taking her into confidence of giving one more chance . One sided efforts never work.Too complex to conclude in such immatured way

  6. Bhavna Raizada

    My husband had an affair prior to marriage, I was ready to move out. he apologise many times, so u stayed with him. I always put him first in my family. I have 2 boys. He quite the first one and then now he has relationship with 3 other women. Now after 28 years he just want his freedom and ready to live separately b

  7. Aleah Hughes

    Every living thing on this planet earth craves one thing, that thing is called "LOVE". When a husband and wife loses respect for each other, "LOVE" slowly dies. They take each other for granted and married life becomes a chore not a bliss. Whenever, one party uses his or her ego to approach a challenge/problem in the relationship, that party will receive an egoistic or negative vibe that can create chaos, confusion and a negative energy in their surroundings. Communication is the key to all relationships, some folks just give up on each other, stop talking and expect their marriage to blossom. A marriage/relationship requires a lot of work if two people want to make it together. Better yet, get the family involved, let them in on what it is going on, perhaps they can help with some advice. Talk to your partner, leave with his or her permission and take time out for yourself. Find a way to connect with nature and God and find out what it feels like when you are away from the family. Is it the family, or is it you. Remember, no one, man or woman runs away from happiness and love even during challenging times. Thanks for allowing me to share my bit:) Peace!

  8. V Kumar

    women's only need.. love ..respect appricition ..

    do shabd pyaar ke…apnapan …
    ek wife ko dikhta rahe …feel hota rahe ki usski family ussko pyaar karti hai … maan rakhti hai….
    ussko pasand karti hai … phir usska hubby saal main ek baar hin kyun na ghar aaye … wo pyaar se saare situation ko handle kar sakti hai akele …..

    2point is…..

    iss side …ek hubby hai jisske karan wo hurt huii …. dusre side bhi ek male hin hai jisske karan ek wife ne kutch alag socha …

    so … plz boys …. sudharna and baaton ko samjhne kii jarurat purush ko hin hai ….
    apna samay… pyaar.. apne family ko do na ki bhahar …
    wo space …wo khaai… kyun bana ki …koi duja aapke family main aa jaay ….

    point 3…

    law iitne strict hone chaahiye ki … insaan shaadi ko keval laddu na samjhe …
    shaadi se pehle … shaadi ki jimmedaariyon ko samjhna jaruri hai …
    agar jhell sakte ho daliy life ke up and downs… sambhaal sakte ho job and family ko ek saath …

    tho hin shaadi kijiye …. warna … jarurat hin kyun hai …

    kisi ki life barbaad karna and khud patli gali se nikal jaana .. blaming game khelne ke liye…

    law iitne strong bane ki insaan … bina soche shadi na kare …

    kyunki u turn nahi hai issmain ….

  9. baishali Ganguly

    soul will never get healing.. when the wife comes back she will never belief in love…she will behave like machine and wait for the final destination(death to engulf her)…that is what this society, family wants…where individual containment and empowerment are not important…
    I think the lady should keep her love inside her prayer…but inside her house she will be living like machine with baggages of liability….soul will be in pain…and just willing to get the healing from the end of the physical life….

  10. james

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    And wat abt that woman's suffering after that. When 1 time she was not happy with her hubby..why she will be happy with him 2nd time. I have seen such couple who are very happy together and devoted to each other after coming out of a bad relationship. I THINK NO ONE LIVES IN ANOTHER PERSONS SHOES AND SO SHOULD NOT GUIDE THEM IN SUCH SITUATION .

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