Spiritual Leaders Discuss Role of Faith in Our Lives

Spiritual Leaders Discuss Role of Faith in Our Lives

William Lori, Jeannie Mayo, Miles McPherson talk about the message of faith.


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  1. LINNLchan7BAND

    But, we. they here in this video were not talking about any 'magical sky freind,' but, His Majesty: Infinite Intelligence from all Eternity Who does Miracles and wonder not cheap, imitative magic with finite powers of will over the energies aping God but, rather God's Holy Will calling into being all that is for His purpose: we can't be talking about the same God but, you must be talking about your own beliefs, imaginings, completely divorced from reality of what the ABC News guests express, imo

  2. LINNLchan7BAND

    The above is simply my worldview and, those of most people on the Planet Earth: billions of people. If you disagree or have another view, fine; just leave me out of it, post your own views independently of my post here; as, my intention is merely to agree with ABC News invited guests, in my way and, not to start a long logical argumentation about The Prime Cause of being.
    Nor am I meaning to imply as some may think,that I am suggesting there are not some moral atheist,pantheist people who r OK.

  3. LINNLchan7BAND

    Atheism is an ism; that is an belief, not empirical proof of any kind, that there is no God. It is simply a misguided or wrong belief: it is not absolute knowledge. Such assertions are absurd, though, often heard. Neither will created energy such as stars save one's soul and being, as from yet another misbelief and myth of ancient astraology; the idoltrous worship of stars, planets, atoms, ect all inanimate creations.
    But, faith is the least of the gifts, says Paul, the greatest is Love, Charity

  4. What

    lol these people talk about GOD they say there is only one LOL i mean holy fuck thezse people claim to be GOD to be able to count how many there are LOL i mean they are worse than crack dealers and pedophiles but not as bad as murderers killers and abortionists screw your solidarity and fuck yur claims of holiness, yes your reality is full of holes

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