Sprouted Mung Bhel – Healthy Chaat Recipe Indian Recipe

Sprouted Mung Bhel – Healthy Chaat Recipe Indian Recipe

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  1. ratnamicus

    This is an excellent recipe. I really like these two chefs. They are natural and have a great on-screen presence. They are also very fine cooks. I have tried too many of their recipes (especially their dals) and every one of them is great. I am an ardent devotee of ShowMeTheCurry.

    I do have one minor criticism. Please do not use the sharp edge of the knife to move things off the cutting board. It can do two things: it will ruin your cutting board, but worse, it will ruin a fine blade. Please use the other edge of the knife (the one that is not sharp) to clear items off the board. Your board and knife will last forever.

  2. arshi khur

    that is not how you cut lemon, or squeeze lemon.  Why are you guys coping the bad US cooking habits.  Lemon is cut side way to get more juice out.  I send so many people to watch you channel as I am very annoyed eating garbage, when I am out and about.  There is no replacement of Indian food.  I even hate donuts or pizza as it do not stand a chance next to indian food. 

  3. Milena Braganza

    You ladies are just fantastic in the food you demonstrate, your style of presentation which makes things so mouth watering, and your lovely smiles and sense of humour which makes me want to try every recipe I view.  Thank you and keep them coming.


    Sorry, sometimes we get so many questions that some of them fall thru the cracks… When mung is sprouted, it becomes soft and tender and able to be eaten raw. To answer your question, yes, there is some level of rawness to the taste, but it still tastes great (our opinion).

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