Step 1 to Eating Better: Learn To Read Your Body “Healthy Lifestyle”

Step 1 to Eating Better: Learn To Read Your Body  “Healthy Lifestyle”

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  1. Tamika Drumgold

    This is so on point, the days I did the good stuff I had more energy and even my mood was better. Yesterday I ate bad for lunch bad dinner and woke up today later than usual and I just feel blah. Now I have to workout in the middle if the day rather than early in the am when it's cooler because I woke up late. This sucks, lesson learned. I'm not saying I won't have days where I'll eat bad but not it the extent of it being an all day thing, more like a treat, one thing once a week. This was def a reality check, my body ain't bout that life lol. – thanks Nap

  2. hotdrumchick

    I agree with you Whitney on that. I ran track waay before you were born, lol, but I remember the times when I ate junk food it made me slower. I learned not to eat that mess before meets.
    I really need to go back to that way of eating.

  3. Krishel Francis

    This is so true! Eating well to feel well. I eat a carb, protein, and several fibers every day. I don't have a cheat day; I fast once a wk. 'fasting' my way…bananas; broth w/ nori; 'flushing' foods. I love feeling clean and healthy so I will have a cookie here and there but once your addicted to feeling healthy; there is no going back.

  4. Najla Edwards

    Can you do a video on healthy foods to bring to school for lunch? My school has salads but they are overpriced and im pretty sure their ingredients arent organic/natural. They have fruit cups and yogurt parfait and naked smoothies which are good but i want to be able to bring healthy things that'll keep me full til afterschool because i dont want to spend my money all the time. please please do a video on some suggestions whenever you have time?

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