Struggles & Why Faith is Important | Just Kriztina

Struggles & Why Faith is Important | Just Kriztina

It’s never easy to tell people about our struggles and what we’re going through. But when we do, it can help many others who are like us also facing the same …


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  1. Joan Rasonabe

    FAITH gives us hope to continue living and go on in life. You may facing lots of problems and sometimes loses hope but let us not forget that there is One God who will be with us throughout the whole battle ready to fight for and strengthen us. Just come to His presence. He will never disappoint you. 🙂 You may not understand what's happening in your life now, just trust His plan. Later on you will understand the reasons why you experienced those things. ☺

    Thanks for this video ate. God bless you more and more. I'm always here praying for you, my ate. 😗😗😗

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