Summer Essentials For A Healthy Body | Tips

Summer Essentials For A Healthy Body | Tips

Summer brings with it bright colours, cool drinks and of course tank tops and shorts. While everyones busy running to the gym to get in shape you can do so from the comfort of your home! Make…


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  1. Hemant Kumar

    Hi my question is
    we are living in 21century ie ( 21vi sadi) I have seen lakme india, vlcc, jawed habib, kaya skin clinic, these popular channel video.
    i hv seen in these channel boyz is doing girls makeup as male beautician like hair cutting, facial, perming, spa & girls always prefer And enjoyung her makeup thru male beautician. I am also going these salon directly for treatment. so Why it is notpossible any female Beautician or female barber why can not do boyz makeup like eyebrow threadingn, shaving, hair cutting,bleaching , facial. why partiality ie bhedbhav. Grooming is also imp For boyz. Kindly plz justify nd telling ans

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