Super Food Chicken Curry | Jamie Oliver

Super Food Chicken Curry | Jamie Oliver

This is Jamie’s Bombay Chicken recipe from his new book Everyday Super Food : | It’s a fantastic, quick way to cook chicken …


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  1. Amber

    I just made this, and not gonna lie i didnt really like it. it could possibly be because the turmeric over powers a lot of the other flavors and gives it a bitter taste. Its not that bad though, and the mustard seeds are really cool.

  2. Minjung Mary Jane Kim

    I love cooking and make dinner for my husband all the time. I bought his book yesterday and tried this recipe. Unfortunately, that was the worst dish I've ever made. It looked pretty delicious from the bright curry color, but the combination of curry + turmeric powder and the mint sauce really did not work for me and my husband.

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