Sushi – Made Easy – Healthy Recipe

Sushi – Made Easy – Healthy Recipe

Rolled Sushi by hand or use a Sushi Maker. Step by step direction from cooking rice to cutting the sushi. Prawns and Avocado recipe. Music: 1. Oriental Trance 2 …


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  1. Kumar Ayush

    No hard feelings but I'm an Indian and seeing recipes like this making me feel really bad. This recipe has no spices at all and everything is raw except the rice and that's it. I mean that's what Japanese call "food".

    We will never gonna eat such things. Atleast I'm not going to try any of such food in my life.
    Try some of our recipies. You'll love it.

    Pardon me if i have said something wrong.

  2. chrisregpick

    I was like this sounds like that Amazing Lady from Australian with a Germanic accent, and started to look for your art. I waited to the end and even looked at your ring. But was not sure. Your voice is unmistakable and love your Rock hunting. I rock hunt too, but for building old stone walls. Anyhow, I love the Sushi maker, might buy one. IT is so simple and healthy, and fun. Thanks for all the informative videos, hope it is not too hot in Australia. You can check me out looking for square rocks in my You tube video called the Elaho Valley 2018. We are both rock hunters from different place. I have been working on a monument for 5 years, and it is almost finished. 😉 Come check out Canada with me, you will like it.

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