TD Jakes – Why did God choose me? Must listen!

TD Jakes  – Why did God choose me?   Must listen!


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  1. Deb Warren

    I am not a christian.. I started reading the Bible due to the way my life was and the people around me. I felt.. if …there was any answer then why not go to the one who created me and the world. so the reading in the bible started.(which im sure jesus put it in my mind to read it.. even tho I didnt no it at the time)since then I realize jesus has really opened my eyes about myself and others … the why what hows became clearer..the struggle is real… thanks for shareing..

  2. LargerThan Lyfe

    I like Jakes n his messages but y'all know that were are suppose to be keeping the Sabbath holy and going to church on SATURDAY not Sunday. The true Sabbath is Saturday. Most preachers know this yet do not follow it due to this beastly system we live under in a patriarchal society

  3. Mia Miller

    I study the bible daily so the devil can not lie to me about the word.People you got to study yourself approved.I also read daily because jesus told us to meditate on the word day and night.Right the words on the table of your heart.I read the bible so i can hear what thus says the Lord.Thank you God for leaving us with the word for it is our instructions on how to survive on earth.Thank you pastor Jakes for preaching God message.May God grace and love lead you all the way to heaven.

  4. Red Letter Christian

    He didn't choose you, you lying, false teacher. You wolf. Jesus Christ was a poor man. The son of a carpenter. He didn't wear thousand dollar suits, drive a 50k automobile and wear rings, watches and necklaces worth a year's salary of any of the blue collar people sitting in the pews. You'll receive your just reward snake.

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