Teaching Kids About Eating Healthy In A Fun Way

Teaching Kids About Eating Healthy In A Fun Way

So kids will always have a hard time understanding why they should eat a carrot over a candy. Here is a kinda cool way to show them the reason. follow me bruh …


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  1. Russelle Macapil

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  2. velo1337

    i hope i can explain this one in english.

    learning a kid that treats can be "earned" is actually a bad thing.since then the reward system of the brain kicks in. and they learn to associate food with good and/or bad feelings.

    i had a very hard time to unlearn that food is a reward.

    its better to learn them kids that treats are an exception and they can get it once in a while once a day or whatever you decide but not make the connection from something like "good behaviour" = you get treats or "good marks in school" = you get treats or "clean your room" = you get treats and so on…

    i guess i failed at explaining it…

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