Ten Principles of True Education Lesson 1 The Beatitudes cont. 1-19-18

Ten Principles of True Education Lesson 1 The Beatitudes cont. 1-19-18


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  1. SonLight Education Ministry

    Sandy Hawthorne​Good day Sis. Yolanda!

    LaRee Colburn​Hey Yolanda

    Virtuous Veggies Vegetarian Cuisines​hi

    11:57 AMCarolina CarterHello Yolanda!

    11:58 AMAle RGood morning Yolanda. Alejandra

    11:58 AM
    Shermaine WilsonHello

    11:58 AMLutisha VanKauwenbergGood Morning!!!

    11:58 AMVirtuous Veggies Vegetarian CuisinesTeshawn Logan! Yes I am

    11:58 AMVirtuous Veggies Vegetarian CuisinesYes that's correct!

    11:58 AMLutisha VanKauwenbergYou sound great and healthy!

    11:58 AMLutisha VanKauwenbergSo thankful!

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    12:00 PMAlyssa Bahnmillerhi Yolanda!!

    12:01 PM
    Sandy HawthorneUh oh, sorry Zayda, Im trying to fix what occurred

    12:01 PM
    Shermaine WilsonAmen

    12:02 PMLutisha VanKauwenbergI was guilty of it…I couldn't get enough of the rich feast all week!

    12:02 PMNicole Rochesterhello Yolanda. hello everyone

    12:03 PMSasha ThomasGood afternoon!

    12:03 PMMa Lehi

    12:03 PMLisa DorsettHello everyone!

    12:04 PMMrsRay3Good Afternoon Everyone!

    12:05 PMAuthrine HGood Afternoon Everyone

    12:05 PMMrsRay3Sandy sent a really thorough way to limit the emails to daily and/or weekly update summaries

    12:06 PM
    Sandy Hawthornezhayra, It seems like i corrected my mistake but if you cannot comment please email me, or text 8134746531

    12:07 PMYoleyza Rayook

    12:08 PM
    Sandy Hawthornei can see your comment, praise God

    12:08 PM
    Sandy Hawthorneok i will

    12:10 PMNikki WalkerHi Yolanda!

    12:12 PMElena RadilloHelllo ! I lost the signal.

    12:12 PM
    Sandy Hawthorneim here

    12:12 PM4Joselynhere

    12:12 PMMrsRay3yes we are here

    12:13 PMBermuda Parenthere

    12:13 PMHeidi DelbridgeAmen

    12:14 PM4Joselynlol

    12:14 PM
    Shermaine Wilson

    12:14 PM
    Sandy HawthorneLOL

    12:15 PM
    Shermaine Wilsonthat makes sense

    12:15 PM
    Sandy Hawthornethe offense of the cross comes when you are in darkness and light comes

    12:16 PM
    Sandy Hawthornetruth

    12:16 PMKaren FurtadoI've had someone say, don't share any mote truth as I will be responsible for what I know!!! rejection of light!

    12:17 PMLisa DorsettHi Karen!

    12:17 PMAlyssa Bahnmillerthis may be a strange question.. what if we are following best we know how but aren't neccisarily being persecuted?

    12:18 PMLutisha VanKauwenbergAmen Yolanda!

    12:18 PMMelissa JAmen! I’ve been told that too! Smh

    12:18 PMAlyssa Bahnmillerpraise God we are not the Judge

    12:19 PM4JoselynGod also gives us this light so that we can share with others even if others say not to speak. It is better to obey God rather than men.

    12:21 PMMoms Living CountryThe ones before 1844 will be the ones who did not keep the sabbath

    12:21 PMleah keruboHi everyone I believe persecution comes in different ways. We don't have to killed or taken to jail.

    12:22 PM
    The Living Gospel MinistriesI believe so too Yolanda

    12:23 PMHeidi DelbridgeI love that one of the best ways to share Jesus is in action and doesn't have to be words.

    12:23 PMCarina Altenorhi sister yolanda and everyone good afternoon!

    12:23 PMAlyssa Bahnmillerpersecution could be unknown also right.. people/family/friends talking badly about you behind your back because of how you live ect right?

    12:24 PMcandice leanosYes great point esp with our health laws

    12:25 PMunity7tvAmen! Praise the Lord

    12:27 PM
    Sandy HawthorneMercy

    12:27 PMAlyssa BahnmillerI wanted to point out on this point of wlllingness to give our life for people… I feel like this is not something that we will just 'know' is in us but would be something shown if/when needed..

    12:28 PMHeidi DelbridgeAmen!!!!

    12:28 PMunity7tvwhoa serious quote! Amen

    12:28 PMNicole Rochesteramen. so true!

    12:28 PM
    Sandy Hawthorne2T 425.1

    12:28 PMcandice leanosSelfless sacrifice

    12:28 PM
    The Living Gospel Ministries2T 425.1

    12:28 PMCarolina Carter2 testimonies 425?

    12:29 PM
    The Living Gospel MinistriesYes @Carolina Carter

    12:29 PMLisa DorsettRight…exactly

    12:29 PMAlyssa Bahnmilleryes, yes I love that.. it's connecting now!

    12:31 PMHeidi DelbridgeAmen! Love this so much!

    12:31 PMunity7tvAmen

    12:31 PMleah keruboAmen, I can witness to that. Over time have learnt to respond

    12:31 PMNicole Rochesterthat's exactly what happened to me this week. so lady on the road while driving calling me names when she was in the wrong. and all I could do is pray and say LORD help her to know your love

    12:32 PM
    Shermaine WilsonAmen

    12:33 PM4Joselyntrue

    12:33 PMNicole Rochesterexactly, that's was the LORD

    12:33 PMunity7tvyes

    12:34 PM
    The Living Gospel MinistriesYeah it was Hezekiah0

    12:36 PM
    The Living Gospel MinistriesLike a River not like the Dead sea

    12:37 PMAlyssa Bahnmilleramen! oh I love the sanctuary

    12:37 PM
    Sandy Hawthorneamen

    12:37 PMRicky HillAmen

    12:37 PMKadiann Weir-Da CostaAmen

    12:38 PMjackie mazariegosSharing what the Lord is revealing to you with non-believers will surely bring persecution

    12:39 PMKisha Shadealso among family members

    12:39 PMAlyssa Bahnmilleramen!! gotta prepare the soil before planting

    12:40 PM
    Shermaine Wilsonamen

    12:40 PM
    Sandy Hawthorneamen

    12:40 PMjackie mazariegosAmen

    12:42 PM
    The Living Gospel MinistriesIntentional Christianity

    12:42 PMHeidi DelbridgeI praise the Lord it isn't me!

    12:43 PMCarolina CarterHow do you know its the Holy Spirit and not you working in your own spirit?

    12:43 PM
    Shermaine WilsonRight

    12:43 PMAbbie BelgardeThe holy spirit takes care of the watering of the seed after its been planted

    12:44 PM
    The Living Gospel MinistriesLike he said to Phillip about the Ethiopian

    12:45 PMCarolina Carterokay

    12:45 PMCarolina CarterAmen

    12:46 PMHeidi DelbridgeHow can you reveal what you don't know

    12:48 PM
    Sandy Hawthornewe don't do that round here, lol

    12:48 PMKisha Shadeive noticed people like to repeat what they heard from others

    12:48 PMKisha Shadenot study for themselves

    12:53 PMdave akkermanMessage deleted by The Living Gospel Ministries.View deleted message
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    12:56 PM
    Shermaine WilsonGod of compassion

    12:59 PMjackie mazariegosLet there be a revival of faith and power of the early church, and the spirit of persecution will be revived, and the fires of persecution will be rekindled.—The Great Controversy, 48. { ChS 159.3}

    12:59 PM
    Sandy Hawthornei thought about that quote earlier @jackie mazariegos

    1:00 PMAlyssa Bahnmilleramen Jackie, thank you for sharing that

    1:01 PMjackie mazariegos-praise the Lord

    1:01 PMNicole Rochesterright his issues are the symptoms but the root is that we have not surrendered

    1:02 PMjackie mazariegosAmen Yolanda

    1:03 PM
    Sandy HawthorneAmen

    1:03 PMAlyssa Bahnmilleramen

    1:03 PMleah kerubopraise God! that is powerful.

    1:03 PMHeidi DelbridgeAmen

    1:03 PMlesha jordanAmen

    1:03 PM
    Shermaine WilsonAmen

    1:03 PMAbbie Belgardeamen!

    1:03 PMAlyssa Bahnmillerwhat was that verse in John Yolanda?

    1:04 PM4Joselynjn 1 12

    1:04 PMAlyssa BahnmillerJohn 1:12, thank you! yes

    1:05 PMAlyssa BahnmillerHappy Sabbath!

    1:05 PMMelissa JThanks Yolanda! Happy Sabbath everyone! Be blessed and be a blessing!

    1:05 PM
    Shermaine WilsonYet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God

    1:05 PMLisa DorsettHappy Sabbath everyone@

    1:05 PMHeidi DelbridgeThank you! I have been fed. Happy Sabbath!

    1:05 PMVeronica MartiniGod is awesome!! Happy Sabbath

    1:06 PM
    Shermaine WilsonHappy Sabbath

    1:06 PMLisa DorsettThank you! Wonderful blessing

    1:06 PM
    Shermaine Wilsonlol

    1:06 PMKadiann Weir-Da CostaHappy Sabbath Everyone

    1:06 PMAlyssa Bahnmillercan we pray together to close?

    1:06 PM
    Sandy Hawthorneright, i know!

    1:06 PMNicole Rochesterthank you

    1:06 PMlesha jordanHappy Sabbath all

    1:07 PM
    Shermaine WilsonAmen

    1:08 PMLisa DorsettAmen

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