The Anti-Aging Tip You Need To Know | Sephora

The Anti-Aging Tip You Need To Know | Sephora

Sephora PRO Artist, David, shares the anti-aging tip that you need to know! Follow along to hear the most powerful product you can use for youthful looking skin.


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  1. Naya Ruth

    I love the Supergoop products. It’s the only product with high spf that doesn’t sting my husbands eyes (esp when he sweats and it starts to migrate down). You know how hard it is to let your man use skin care. Not a problem anymore 😉 The setting spray though leaves little mist of white stuff on your face (it sits there) which dissipates after few minutes.

  2. T Phipps

    Question — why aren't there more sunscreens in leave-in conditioners and other hair products? I have only been able to find the Paul Mitchell spray on sunscreen for hair. Are there others? Could you do a video on this? Thank you!

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