The Awe Factor Of God – Francis Chan

The Awe Factor Of God – Francis Chan

I was truly amazed when I saw this video, seriously it shows how God’s creation is just indescribable, just amazing, just AWESOME! Speechless? Amazed? Humbled? When I first saw those images,…


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  1. Terra Ponder

    How is the MOST HIGH GOD Almighty! I love and am at total awe at the work of are father's hands this is what I think about all day how much God loves…..john 3:16For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life….thank you JESUS

  2. Derek Hartwigsen

    I feel soooo tiny every time I see this. I tried to pin point the earth every time he zoomed out. lol I bet I was like 999999999999 miles away. Probably even more. haha Reminds me of God's unlimited power, and how my thoughts try to quantify him when we can't. Makes you think how little we really know.

  3. Deanna Lee

    ughhhh. this freaks me out man! lol, we watched something similar to this in youth group the other night and I just can't believe how our SUN (100+ times the size of the earth) is just a piece of sand within another piece of sand within a huge bucket of sand… I'm tiny.

  4. soniclady89

    I'd love to know what the vatican are looking for with their huge lucifer telescope!
    Jesus and His army returning perhaps?!

    All praise to The One True God, The Creator of all, The Most High, may He continue to accept us when we, one by one, take the gift that Jesus gave us… the gift of life.

  5. Knightstrikes

    I think God created the universe with his heart as a child would to see greater things and to see how much he is capable of doing so. He kept creating, planet over here, star over there and so forth but didnt touched him much. But when he told Jesus "Let (US) make man in our image…" Genesis 1:26. He fell in love with us humans for eternity. And sent his own son Jesus to die for us and showed us how to live with love and without sin. My father's gift to mankind is the universe. Praise u God!

  6. Stephen Hamilton

    A new Christian was questioning…"What will there be to do in Heaven?" If we are given access to HIS creation, it will take forever to explore all those places. I marvel at the mind of God! I create a new recipe and I'm pleased. He created the universe and all that is within! WOW!

  7. MsDanaDane80

    God is just sooo awesome, amazing just blows my mind away cant even fathom his wisdom. Words cant even describe, My 9 year old asked me how old God is, and who was before God? I was just like God doesnt have and age all we know is He's the ancient of days you can't put God in time can't put him in a box he's beyond that he's everything. Im like no one was before God he just is, no one or thing can compare to God nothing or no one can exsit outside of Him. Just amazing God u get all the glory!

  8. Oladapo Dosunmu

    Mat_6:22 "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."
    The difference between how we see and that of a telescope is that our lenses are side by side while that of telescope is in front of the pick light(s)/knowledge..;).The verse is a great fascination to me on how God can teach&code using the very basic of life.
    Jews are really loved and entrusted with the Bible.And now we are also blessed to look up to God ONLY.

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