The Beatitudes – Matthew 5:1-12 – Expositional Preaching (Kerrigan Skelly)

The Beatitudes – Matthew 5:1-12 – Expositional Preaching (Kerrigan Skelly)

Kerrigan Skelly teaching a verse by verse series on the Gospel According to Matthew. This video is on the Matthew 5:1-12. This will be a weekly series of …


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  1. Carol Dickinson

    Brother Skelly, Thank you for your response. Another question..Why are modern Pastors no longer telling people what exact sins are such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, abortion, hatred, murder, unforgiveness, stealing etc. Why don't they get specific anymore? They rarely mention the word sin even but even more rare mention what those exact sins are that are listed in the Bible such as in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Pastors are no longer warning folks of God's wrath to come for unrepented sin.

  2. Kerrigan Skelly

    Yep, someone hacked it. It should be fine by the morning. The problem has been fixed, but it takes a little while for Google to figure that out…even after I tell them. You can learn more about our fellowship at RefiningFireFellowship (.) com. Yes, we do believe that the gifts are still active…

  3. Carol Dickinson

    Hello Brother Skellys… I tried to get on your website but got warning messages say if I continue… my computer will be harmed. I really wanted to know more about your home fellowship. I am looking for a solid Biblically based home fellowship here in houston… where the pastor actually goes out and evangelises like you do. One question. Do you think the gifts are still here. I think they will cease in heaven. It is just that peoples faith is so weak… and church has become intellectualized.

  4. Kerrigan Skelly

    @leonardoboy2 You CAN receive cleansing and forgiveness of all of your PAST sins. You can not receive cleansing for present sins (while you are still doing them and have not repented of them) and you can not receive forgiveness of future sins before you commit them. As 1 John 1:9 says, though, you must confess your sins (and confess means the "agree with God about them" by putting them away and hating them) IN ORDER to get forgiveness of them…

  5. leonardoboy2

    I need to now that I can receive forgiveness and cleansing for all my sins and I 've found these verses. 'Therefore, we need to know that when we confess our sins, that God both forgives us and cleanses us of all unrighteousness' (I John 1:9). Even if we fall down, God is still willing and ready to help us up again' (Psalm 37:23-24).

  6. Kerrigan Skelly

    @leonardoboy2 Your repentance must be sincere or God will not forgive you. Sincere repentance means that the person has decided in their mind that they never want to sin again. I would encourage you to check out my teaching on Temptation:

  7. leonardoboy2

    When I do my best to walk in the ways of the Beatitutes and want to please God with obedience, and then relapse again in a particular area of sin that I struggle with, and if I pick myself up again and get back on track, will God forgive me for that repeated relapse?

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