The scriptures are replete with Christs words telling us who were are yet, the Church of today denies the words while saying they believe. Everything within the …


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  1. Ann-Charlotte Björkman

    I asked you quite early on if you meant Suns or son's. Then I googled some other things that reminded me of my grandfather. I got to know my own family's history first. That's why I had to leave you before I came back again. I even tried to find that hawk in your other video. It was kind of cool to try and fly online. And I can't play Grand theft auto. I found it nicer to dress Michael and drive around and look at the environment and settings. I even drove his car into the water. I really suck at electronics, and I know I told you this MANY times!

  2. PersonalTributes

    I am noting to go into my story to thick, but my whole community has been taken by Satan. My mother and I have had a calling together at same time. My mother and I found each as spiritual as being, neat hey! The father made Ma and me a tag team for his purpose, yet all to be revealed, We have been raped by the Public Trust in Canada. I was in the complete darkness of what was happening to myself, and the community being in is not safe! I pray in the night and they were the word spoken to me "Public Trust has been Betrayed " My mom and I and few friends are standing against all the odds, and we are willing to die if take over this evil that takes our communities. Thank for showing up! I really need to hear your word. Wow, sir, you eye speak to my sou LOLl. I have much to learn for have a high calling from father. God Bless stay healthy for your work is significant for waking God warriors to come out now! 🙂

  3. Donna P

    Derek I don't think I can take any more refinement. I suppose reconstruction of the 3rd temple requires the complete and utter destruction of the former…..from the inside out….laid bare….it is a dismantling of it's foundation and it is brutal. Just when you think it is over the wrecking ball takes another swipe. You become silent and just wait knowing that you cannot dodge it – its aim is certain the target marked. You might think you can run but you only prolong the inevitable. Is there anyway I can lesson the blows. I used to think "I got this" "I am in control"…..Fool that I am. Sometimes I wonder if it is my own wrath. Do we judge ourselves – I think so – maybe – "judge not lest ye be judged" has a deeper meaning. Someone tell me how to avoid all these things. Or is avoidance unavoidable ……. I am beginning to think it is our own personal tribulation …….maybe we too shall reach the point where we can say :it is finished

  4. Anon T

    Makes me really sad to see so many of souls believe
    that this is how we are all together these false teachers and prophecies!Except the few ,and they go from church to church getting thrown out because you asked questions about the truth of the GODE OF LOVE AND ALL FORGIVING ! THANK YOU GOD FOR YOUR HOLY SPIRIT YOU NEVER ABANDONED THE WORLD THANKS FOR SUFFERING WITH US AS IT COMFORTS US AND GIVE US STRENGTH AMEN

  5. Riot Thomas

    Awhile back, I had an unexplainable dream, literally. I was like a light- bubble thing and everything was silent- not even ringing in the ears- something was with me and without saying any words – it was telling me things- told me I almost there- even right before I woke up it said I wouldn’t be able to explain what happened – that my human brain couldn’t comprehend- but I knew- and right after I woke up. I wasn’t in my body- I remember going threw this place of just peace quiet and I feel this dark vapor looking thing and whatever was with me said don’t fear it is only a remnant. But I know I wasn’t in my body – right before I woke up it’s like – whatever it was sent me back and said you won’t have the words or understanding of all of this and I just woke up. In tears- I cried two hours. And my boys kept asking what is wrong. I couldn't explain, still can't. I can’t express- becasue whatever was with me even told me I wouldn’t be able to tell all of what hapoened in words – but I felt and understood and as if I saw the spiders web – how it’s spun – how words are manipulated- and I know that those vapors or dark ones are nothing to fear. And to not fear them. It was almost a command. I’ve never feared death, I’ve always known we are a soul with a spirit- but this was so profound- and something I’ve never ever experienced. It just knew me- spoke with no words at all- the overwhelming peace love clarity even seeing all the emotions sadness it’s as if “he/she/it” was absorbing all thoughts of every being. Prayers are thoughts too. He hears and takes it all in.. We are literally creating things by prayer, and I think perhaps we do it backwards. Since then, I just thank the Father for what will do instead of asking for him to do.

  6. Z888

    Beautiful 'beaming radiance' was coming from your eyes and the heartfelt gratitude spoken regarding 'standing on FATHER's / GOD of Most High 's name' carved into his house foundations. Grateful for leading this 'disorientated horse' back to the drinking waters of Mathew 5: 'The sermon on the mount – True Happiness especially v11'. Every time I watch this post 'salty water works' start flowing. Derek, would you mind 'tipping your hat' to the FATHER / GOD of MOST HIGH to respectfully honour his name. (1 Corinthians 11.4) Hopefully this tip may provide you with a 'cleaner connection' or 'plug-in' to FATHER's /GOD of MOST HIGH power grid. May the God of Most High bless you and ALL your extended family at Global Witness !

  7. T. Ev of M-46

    Had a strange encounter as child at cousins funeral. One human sized bunny. Before the movie ghost dad. Met my wife and for some reason brought it up. Said she seen one in Chicago as a child, me in Michigan. Turned to get an adults attention looked back was gone. What was this, I think a watcher, not sure. Why was I allowed to see this. Anyone else? Might sound insane, but Yes this really did occur.

  8. Harpo

    My only concern Derek, is when you speak of "the enemy". Everyone is doing what they believe is right.  Even mobsteres, who will kill you in a heartbeat, wear the cross. Your sermon serves to call judgement one unto another.  If God could take just one "sin" out of this world it would be judgement.  If this understanding fails you, Please keep searching for the true truth.

  9. Marshall Hobby

    Hey Derek, I believe you have a good heart and I want to know for certain you are true. I think you could put a lot of this to rest simply by showing how you pray on a video and this would show your true character to anyone in doubt.

  10. CLocke CLocke

    Hey Derek look man I never read a Bible in my life I left you my number it's a 408 area code & the email is from a guy named Jon. I have to question for I just read the entire Song Of Solomon & I'm literally in tears & I'm going to be honest I don't cry, however if my interpretation is correct Solomon is really SON of MAN & it's a women speaking & she was basically raped her & her husband by Kings & shit

  11. Jo Malone

    I can see why you might think I'm Judging. My remark comes from my first 14 years of been brought up in Catholic children's homes and Catholic schools (both run by nuns and priests) I know first hand what they are capable of. At 14 years old I left and had to take care of myself. So I rented a house without money to pay for it. so instead of the street prostitutes having to risk the Yorkshire Ripper, (yes brought up in Chapeltown, Leeds UK. when the Ripper was most active.) I offered them a room each in the house I rented.
    (Not out of kindness, I needed rent and utility money, so charged them a bit more so they paid my share, then I only had to find food which I had to steal a lot of the time.) I chose that life to get free of the Catholic Church. One day I might tell you my full story, until then stay well my friend.

  12. Young Disciple

    You better Stop, Look and Listen and I'ma tell you what you're missin' And I wont stop 'til i finish my mission. Let me tell you my vision; Free or in Prison, showin the world what it means to be a Christian. I'm not perfect, but never claimed to be; Close to my family, Fight'n this insanity. You can be a friend to me, the Devil can pretend to be, — He all in my dreams, feels like im sleepin with the enemy. And when i WAKE up; i thank God that i made it the new day He created. there was a price and He paid it… And I'ma stay true, til the day Im deceased …. No justice No Peace, deny the mark of the BEAST.

    Praise God Always –

  13. billy liddle

    I ❤️this channel,
    I ❤️ Derek and everyone that has been drawn here by I believe the words of our FATHER. ……… BUT having needing to hear a message today but as yet nothing up so decided to look at the video play list and only watch 1 about getting to know about Anonymous. Half way through video says “ we are LEGION “
    Interesting word.
    We are many we are legion.

    Like what the DEMON said to YESHUA yes ??
    Now seeing as you FIRST showed yourself on this platform can YOU ( Derek)
    PLEASE put my mind to ease as ALARM BELL JUST WENT DING DONG.

    as I said I LOVE this channel
    Not sure if I’m being silly or not.

    Some help brothers and sisters please 🙏😇❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  14. Sandy

    I have some information that has to be shared. This following information comes from highly respected scientists and their communities.
    From The Vatican Insider….Enea, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, has published a report on five years of experiments conducted in the ENEA center of Frascati on the “shroud-like coloring of linen fabrics by far ultraviolet radiation”. “Simply put: we tried to understand how the Shroud of Turin was imprinted by an image so special that it constitutes its charm, and poses a great and very radical challenge, "to identify the physical and chemical processes capable of generating a color similar to that of the image on the Shroud. " "it should be noted that the total power of VUV radiations required to instantly color the surface of linen that corresponds to a human of average height, body surface area equal to = 2000 MW/cm2 17000 cm2 = 34 thousand billion watts makes it impractical today to reproduce the entire Shroud image using a single laser excimer, since this power cannot be produced by any VUV light source built to date (the most powerful available on the market come to several billion watts )”. 1 Timothy Ch 6 has a scripture that speaks of the King of Kings whom dwells in unapproachable light. The light that created the image on the cloth exceed anything possible here on earth..even what we have available today.

    There are three letters from the Shroud of Turin…. 3D hologram showing three Hebrew letters under the beard of the man on the Shroud: "The Shroud of Turin: The Holographic Experience," Missouri Botanical Garden]

    And, although there are so many articles to testify that Jesus was exactly as the bible says, and what man on earth can argue the above is one more.
    I have been subsequently advised by Bishop Barclay that there actually is an Aramaic word ayin-'aleph-nun which means "flock" and that its Hebrew equivalent is tsade-'aleph-nun. But that does change the main facts: 1) that Aramaic word is not in the four Hebrew-Aramaic lexicons I consulted; 2) neither that Aramaic word ayin-'aleph-nun nor its Hebrew equivalent


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