The Carnivore Diet: Is Eating ONLY Meat Healthy or Totally F%#*ing Crazy?? (QUAH #15) | MIND PUMP

The Carnivore Diet: Is Eating ONLY Meat Healthy or Totally F%#*ing Crazy??  (QUAH #15) | MIND PUMP

The Carnivore Diet: Is Eating ONLY Meat Healthy, or Totally F%#*ing Crazy?? Zero Carb Diet, Meat Only, Anti-Vegan, The Perfect Diet… Mind Pump weighs in …


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  1. baked beans

    Any long term studies? Sean Baker's health improved if you consider being borderline diabetic and having very low testosterone an improvement. You might want to have a closer at the Inuit and Maasai and compare them to the Okinawans (second longest living people group, very little animal products) and the California Adventists (longest living people, almost no animal products). Again, do we have any major long term studies on people who only consume meat? At the moment it seems like anecdotal evidence only, and not necessarily favourable.

  2. Caterpillar

    This video is awful! People do get deficient on meat diets, I mean go and look at Shawn Baker's blood results. Low in vitamin D, low in Testosterone, terrible blood glucose. Meat was a fallback food when we were only concerned about passing our genes on. We are apes that evolved on fruit, roots and seeds. This meat only stuff is a paleo fantasy. Stick to the fitness info and not nutrition please because you're spreading misinformation that is not backed by science or fact.

  3. John Smith

    Shawn Baker got his blood test results after a year on the carnivore diet. Look up his video. LDL bad cholesterol off the charts, testosterone levels of a 90-year-old, excess blood urea (kidney stones), diabetic levels of blood glucose, deficiency in vitamin D, yes these are the amazing results you should expect to see on the carnivore diet. And remember Shawn Baker is a guy that works out constantly, so imagine what kind of results the average sedentary American would get on this diet program. Scary stuff…

  4. Wookiemonsterfreak

    So, way back on your podcast with Shawn Baker, I picked up on your concept of this as being an elimination diet. So, I took on the challenge.

    I fully see this now as now what you are eating for health, but what you are not eating. Meat is simply the vehicle of simplicity and the easy go to, to cover your basics while those inflammatory foods get cleaned out of your body and psyche.

    I feel strong, light, able to eat and be very active sooner after that meal, better sustained positivity, leaner, confident, and content about more frequent morning wood and random day wood 🙂

    The first time I ever lost that stubborn belly pouch. I have been lean with top abs, rib definition, and striations on my shoulders, but that belly bulge remained. It is flatter then ever, which I attribute to way less inflammation.

  5. CivilianSheepdog631

    I’m 94 days in on an carnivore diet with eggs, hard cheeses, heavy creams and I feel absolutely GREAT much more intense workouts better healing/recovery times way better restful sleep for once in my life normal bowel movements some skin rash issues pretty much nonexistent at this point, my major issue for coming to this way of eating is I contracted lymes disease 3 separate times and it really screwed up my system so for me this diet is a God send. I’ve tried vegan style where I was pretty much 90% plant based and 10% from eggs and fish didn’t help unfortunately then I went paleo with the same results then I tried 80% meat and 20% plant based did way better but still some issues so I went all in 💯 with carnivore and that was a major game changer so maybe my body is doing a reset and I can at some point slowly introduce other types of foods back into my diet.

  6. Larry Koziol

    As I have had some GI issues, migraines, and about 50# of fat to lose I have found the keto diet very helpful, and the carnivore (with occasional small veggie portions) diet (animal based keto) has made it very easy to stay in ketosis, and I've never felt better.

  7. GrantTrainingSystems

    The diet is pretty crazy, but the results speak for themselves in many ways. I have no desire to be all meat, but by looking at the results of the people that do it def says something. I think this should be a big wake up call for society. Something that was always considered taboo and only people that did not listened to their doctors did is now shown to be healthy. Got to love the 21st century

  8. Roel Pastors

    I found eating keto with lot's of meat including organ meats from grass-fed source works best for me. I only have small amounts of veggies. Maybe 2 cups a week. Also small amounts of nuts and berries. The only fruit I have alot is avocado. After going keto , changing that to high meat keto was the biggest improvement. Also eating two meals a day sometimes one meal a day is great. Not saying everyone should do that but it gave me the best results.

  9. Keto Frugal Madre

    I have literally 20-30 foods I can safely eat due to severe food allergies. 5 of them are veggies…..I am even reactive to some meat! I've been keto 25 months, trying this out for a month to see if it will help clear up the rest of the issues.

  10. Erick Erick705

    Such a bad recommendation. You would have to be really uninformed to try a all meat diet when we know that plant based diets have been shown and actually have tons of evidence to be healthier than any diet. Try to treat or reverse heart disease or diabetes with any other diet and you wont be able to. Plant based whole foods diet offer absolutely all macros and micro nutrients as well.

  11. Cardinal Copia's Love Slave

    Look up Owsley Stanley. He ate a pure carnivore diet for 50 plus years. He lived to 76 and how did he die? Car accident. He was healthy, strong and had a clear mind his entire life.

    I eat a carnivore diet, have for two years. Feel amazing. Won't ever eat another way. I eat about 60% raw as well. A lot of people have salicylate and hystamine issues because of plants.

  12. denis donbas

    Shawn Baker consumes 400+ grams of protein and up to 100 grams of saturated fat per day, so how it is good for anybody.Besides,his licence is suspended right now and as MD they do not even have a subject in school on nutrition!

  13. denis donbas

    You are simply do not have knowledge to talk about nutrition.First to say that meat have complete nutrition is just completely wrong and in same time plant based diet has complete nutrition except vitamin B12.I would like to know what qualifications you have to even talk about nutrition instead of saying "I believe or I think!

  14. Micah Fatka

    Dudes….c'mon. Humans evolved eating a balanced diet. Your fasting video was on point, because fasting was part of our evolution. There wasn't always food around. Plus, hunting wild animals was difficult. Now you can just buy ass loads of meat…it used to be a battle. And yes, there is also a moral perspective to keep in mind with this.

  15. riconater 321

    Hey guys question about your 3 day frequency method. I was doing one day per week for each mucsle group except arms i would do twice and when i tried the upper body/lower body three days per week taking sunday off I felt fine the first week but the second week all my lifts were weaker and i just felt exhausted all week long like my central nervous system was shot. I was doing 5 sets bench, barbell row, shoulder press, bicep barbell curl, and skull crushers and for lower body dayd i was doing 5 sets of squats, deadlifts, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises. It just felt to taxing. So after two weeks i decided to do a compromise because i think you guys make a good case for frequency being an important variable for hypertrophy and i started an upper lower program where i do upper lower off upper lower off off. I have been feeling much better since switching and my lifts are up. Some possible things that hurt my ability to do 3 days per week though could be i am trying to sleep more i average 6 hrs per night, i have a high stress job that is physically demanding, and i have a lightening fast metablism and require like 3800 calories to stay in a lean bulk state. Do you think i would be able to get similar results on the hit a muscle two days per week approach with adequate sleep and enough quality calories? Also, are some peoples recovery abilitys just genetically worse? Sorry for the novel and i appreciate the videos you put out!

  16. Nero Machiavelli

    Vegans😂I'm on 100% Carnivore diet, 80% of the meat is eaten raw and organic. I also eat raw cheeses, raw milk, raw butter to get that extra cholesterol. . . High Testosterone Levels. . Massive Cumshots. High Energy Levels. Massive Muscle Gains. . . . Only Need 5 Hour Sleep. Random Erections. You mad brah?!

  17. Andrew Borg

    Wow i don't think i've ever heard so much unresearched misinformation in one video. Maybe cause it's 3 people? I would have thought that with so many subscribers you'd apply more caution. Wouldn't know were to begin if i had to go through every single thing they said. I'll pick a few. Shaw Baker? really? medical licence revoked for malpractice. Vegan says nothing about what you are actually eating, only about what you eliminated. It is not a diet but a lifestyle. A whole food plant based diet in every single unbiased study wins hands down every single time. And you say it's tough to compare? Vegan diet, extreme? Vegans remove one food group (if you can call it food). Carnivore diet leaves 1 food group. Carnivore diet brings no deficiencies? I guess the supplement industry is making billions off of vegans alone! There is no nutrient in meat which cannot be found in plants. The reverse does not apply. If you mention B12 i can give you more on how you're wrong. Carbohydrates no an essential macro nutrient?? Are you kidding me? Meat gives you essential fat? Dietary cholesterol and saturated fat not a thing?? Maybe not… there is a tapering off. When you're cholesterol is so high, adding more cholesterol does not increase your blood serum cholestrol. But that just says, since you're health is so terrible, might as well keep digging a hole for yourself. The cherry on the cake; protein combining a myth started by Vogue in the 70s with 0 scientific backing. No allegies to meat? While i grant you that it is not an allergy… how about obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dimentia, and the rest of the top 10 killers? Plain irresponsible and shameful.

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