The End of Seeking – Enlightenment is NOT an Objective Realization – Bentinho Massaro

The End of Seeking – Enlightenment is NOT an Objective Realization – Bentinho Massaro

– “Home to the sincere and committed spiritual practitioner.” ***Video Description: Recorded on January 8th, 2013 This video shows a few in-depth dialogues…


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  1. TheseEyesGod

    This guy is so amazing – so wise at such a young age.  Well, his body's age, anyway.  Love how he handled the positive/negative thing – the All being wholistically positive.  Works for me.  It's amazing to me how ppl will automatically bring up darkness or negativity when discussing happiness – as if there's something to deny us happiness.  There is not.

    Just as hindsight is well known to be 20/20 (i.e., perfect), so can anything that seemed negative at the time be seen, as he said, for the silver lining.  Besides, there is not dark, evil, or negative standing as opposite to Light.  Rather, there is Light & the absence thereof – no opposite exists.

    Also, ppl are not yet realizing the extent to which we create our own experience of reality – not all just sharing one "objective" reality, as the masses were taught programmed.  It's not bad or anything – just inaccurate.

    Ppl have no idea of the true depth/extent of their power.  Creating by default (not consciously aware) we've managed to come up with the world as it is.  Just imagine what will result when all children are taught the truth about how they create via their thoughts & beliefs.  Will be totally awesome!  Those like Bentinho are leading the way.

  2. Anael Cabrini

    Bentinho! Great work at summarizing complex age old concepts and presenting them in a powerful way! I agree with some of this, but within the framework of creating our realities there are always x factors at work in this playground of matter which may affect us negatively. I agree our reactions to these x factors can help us (sort of) but I feel apart from accepting certain things we cannot change we shouldn't live an illusion of happiness (smiling like life is great) when lets say cancer is eating out our insides and you are experiencing tremendous physical pain or a serial killer has just killed and tortured someone you love or yourself (This is not fun at all and not a smiling matter) ! Sometimes an experience can be painful in this journey (when these x factors are encountered) and the journey may not be so great at every moment of our experience!  Just being real and I hope everyone who experiences negativity can work through it and continue to create the best possible experiences for themselves! I would like you to address more scientific concepts also something more tangible like string theory (dimensional) concepts or post biological evolution (for example). Bentinho, always remember to be humble and don't get a big head for it will can destroy what you've worked for! Peace!!

  3. Xelya

    You are talking about heart desires.
    Where is the one whose heart has desires ?
    You have NO IDEA of what real enlightenment is !!!!!
    May you find the path and start living real life, real happiness <3

  4. Ray Smith

    I was born enlightened. alot of this stuff has been a sort of ruse for us indigo/crystal/rainbow kids, (whatever) who brought their Dream consciousness into the physical with them. this guy does not mislead. he doesnt provide static practice, or anything. a more evolved version of the older gurus. but truly if you just see for yourself. no self doubt it would be obvious all these things he is saying.

  5. Peter Hunter

    I believe in what you are saying, but I feel a tremendous resistance to imagining what I want. As if I'm not truly motivated to be the things I want on a subconscious level.I would really like if at some point you would address the topic of motivation in one of your talks. Is it as simple as associating more pleasure or less pain to a particular thing? And if so how can I motivate myself towards the things I want? If we are always getting what we want, how can we change what we want?

  6. Bentinho Massaro

    The disappointment will make room for excitement and bliss when your mind is okay with the idea that it has been chasing something that doesn't exist. Suddenly you feel empowered to be enlightened in your own unique way, to your own desired degree. No longer will you have to wait to take your que from anyone but your own heart's desires.

  7. Tyler Borg

    This was very very helpful thank you so much! So basically there is no external spiritual paths/gurus that can lead us to an objective ultimate goal?? Are the effectiveness of these paths only determined by my imagination?? This possibility is both very relieving and disappointing at the same time.

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