The Good-O-Meter

The Good-O-Meter

How good do you have to be to get into heaven? This clip can be downloaded at This video was originally made to counter the …


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  1. Joel Allen

    I have a very specific issue with this video based on scripture. It is a fact that in the New Testament, in very case where divine judgment is described, the criterion of acceptance and salvation in one thing: Works and works alone. IN very instance where the NT describes salvation, we are saved by works alone. Not by faith. Even in the apostle Paul's writings. 2 Cor 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

  2. TheSteems

    Sooo, I can be a horrible person to everyone else during my life, but be accepted to heaven just because I follow Jesus while a saint on the earth won't be accepted because he didn't believe? Doesn't this go against all the christian logic that without God, nothing stops a person from doing horrible things? Sounds kinda twisted, doesn't it? Watching this, I actually feel that the creators of this video were trolls because this shit is hilarious. I am so sorry for the people who have lived their entire life believing this bullshit. I mean, belief in spirituality isn't bad, but the way belief has turned into religion is just horrible. I really hope you people will get some sense one day. No hate though, but none of this makes sense, none of the comments make sense either.

  3. Ruth Karunia

    I love love love this video! Very brilliant! I feel like clapping my hands each time I see Jesus appear and stand on the scale!
    Thank you Jesus! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    And thank you for this video! 👍
    God bless you all! 😊

  4. Vince P

    Why would a god make a world where sinning is everywhere, and built in desires into people that makes them want to sin (like sex before marriage) just to punish them for not suppressing every desire. If it were true it seems like a pretty sick joke, luckily it's not true. Religion is a tool to keep the small-minded masses behaving well

  5. plolee blowoteehow

    the only problem though is that when people think about grace, then they think they can live however they want. that's not God's will. though no one can save himself or herself and it is only through grace that we are saved, through faith.. and it is the gift of God.. nevertheless.. someone who truly follows God will want to find out how to please him and not be like the world. the church is like the world. it is evil. and it is confused also. the same one who wrote this about grace in ephesians 2 also wrote that women ought not to wear pearls and women ought not to have short hair. but do people who say they follow Jesus the Lord and Messiah care about these things? or about wearing a head covering while praying or prophesying? (women?) no. most people would say this is legalism. but that is just an excuse to not do the will of God. in other words, they don't really love God and obey his Son, Jesus the Lord and Messiah. they listen to their pastors, who don't tell them anything. and they listen to their friends. but the bible? sure, the parts they like. but the other parts.. they are just really easy to dismiss when you don't really care. God knows those who care, and who reject makeup and shaving their legs and armpits, which are all of the world. God knows all of this. God knows those who care about not wearing evil clothes. a woman who follows God does not need to dress 'fashionably' even if it is supposedly modest. modesty and godliness comes first. not attractiveness. so if she dresses in a dowdy way and she believes that pleases God, she is right. so what about christian 'pool parties?' they are evil. people do not go far enough. they want to do the bare minimum. God sees. God knows. and whoever you think you are and whatever you think you are, God will judge.

  6. all glory to God


    ▪ The basic answer is that salvation by works seems right in the eyes of man. One of man’s simple desires is to be in control of his own destiny, and that includes his eternal destiny. Salvation by works appeals to man’s pride and his desire to be in control.

    ▪ Being saved by works appeals to that desire far more than the idea of being saved by grace alone. Also, man has an essential sense of justice. Even the most ardent atheist believes in some type of justice and has a sense of right and wrong, even if he has no moral basis for making such judgments.

    ▪ Because salvation by works appeals to man’s sinfulness, it forms the basis of almost every religion except for biblical Christianity. Proverbs 14:12 tells us that “there is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Salvation by man's works seems right to men, which is why it is the predominantly held viewpoint.

    ▪ Our inherent sense of right and wrong demands that if we are to be saved, our “good deeds” must outweigh our “bad deeds.” Therefore, it is natural that when man creates a religion it would involve some type of salvation by works.

    ▪ Another reason why salvation by works is the predominantly held viewpoint is that the unregenerate man does NOT fully understand the extent of his own sinfulness or of God’s holiness. Man’s heart is “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9), and God is infinitely holy (Isaiah 6:3). But the truth remains that our sinfulness and God’s holiness combine to make our best efforts as “filthy rags” before a holy God (Isaiah 64:6; 6:1–5).

    ▪ Another reason that salvation by works can creep into denominations that claim to be believers or say they believe in the Bible is that they misinterpret passages like James 2:24 Taken in the context of the entire passage (James 2:14–26), it becomes evident that James is not saying our dead works make us righteous before God instead, he is making it clear that our faith is demonstrated by good works in reference to the fruit of faith & not the root.

    Example of works:
    The sinners prayer, confessing their daily #sins, water #baptism, keeping the lawof Moses, praying, good deeds, communion, mass, attending church, tithing, spiritual gifts, spiritual (demonic) experiences, dressing modestly, preaching scripture, standing up at the alter, living godly, donating to charity, asking God into your heart, surrendering everything to God, becoming a church member, behaving at your best, memorizing scripture, singing christian songs, giving up addictions are all works of man.

    What or WHO saves:

    The Saviour of the World, Christ Jesus!!

  7. Milan Nipi

    abomination. i would rather go to hell, than heaven. It seems that in hell is a better company made of good people, who tried to make a world a better place… and in heaven is company made of murderes, thiefs and liars… all according to this contraproductive video. No thanks. ps: not sorry for bad english.

  8. Achilles Oden

    What I learned from this video: You can be the greatest person on earth but without Christianity you go to hell. You can be the scum of the earth but if you're a believer you go to heaven. Great work! Over 1000 different religions on this planet all saying the same thing I however don't beg to any God. Last point, they all end prayer in Amen a Egyptian religion. Wonder where they got that from…… P.S. I bet the makers of this video voted for H. Clinton.

  9. jplay35

    This is video is very misleading – yes we are saved by faith. But our faith is not separated from our deeds – Tell me how much faith you have – Great – Now i'll show you how much faith i have by my deeds. James 2:18. Faith and deeds cannot be separated, if you are living for Christ and have faith you are bearing good fruit (good deeds). You are expected to make this world a better place then when you found it. God expects you to bear good fruit! This video is very misleading and will give many comfort when they should be ashamed of the things they have been doing and should be striving to change them.

  10. socksumi

    Hey Central films, you haven't finished. Please tell everyobe what you actually think is going to happen to all those people who didn't pass the "good-o-meter". And don't spare us any of the gory details. Let the true nature of fundamentalist Christianity be exposed.

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