The importance of faith.

The importance of faith.

How To Be Simply Saved. 1. The bad News. We are sinners. (Romans 3:23.) We deserve to be punished in hell for our sins. 2. The Good News. Jesus Christ …



  1. boogiedanjesusfanuk1

    AMEN!! Thanks for the sermon bro jack   Pls would everyone jus keep us in Prayers as ive been backslidden for the last few months…kinda really depressed as well! The ONLY thing i KNOW is this life down here is the only hell i gotta put up with!! The Day i take mi last breath im outta this dump/world n in the Presence of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST  (soon PLS GOD ill get net back!using library daily!!)  PRAISE GOD  JESUS CHRIST will save anyone     Lv n Blessings to u all brothers n sisters IN THE FAITH! ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED!!  PRAISE GOD!! GBless yous fam!!

  2. No Calvinism

    Those who contend with, contradict, and marginalize God's Word regarding salvation thinking it's arduous, complex, or convoluted, and/or claim it's possible to "lose salvation after being saved" (which represents the distorted mental process of circular reasoning), and/or play absurd and ridiculous mind games regarding "what does it mean to believe"; what ALL this amounts to is actually very simple….such individuals are NOT SAVED, and they shall REMAIN that way until they decided to come to God like a 5-year old child and simply BELIEVE what He says without questioning His Word.

    This is EXACTLY what Jesus meant when He said, "Suffer not these little children, and forbid them not to come unto Me, for the Kingdom of Heaven BELONGS to such as these." (Matthew 19:14). "The phrase "such as these" spoken by Jesus means "ALL those (anyone) who BELIEVES like these little children."

    Why did Jesus use this kind of illustration?? Little children don't engage in any form of intellectualizing, they don't question or doubt what a loving parent tells them (Jesus was and is the ultimate example of a Loving Parent). Instead, little children simply BELIEVE, which is what ALL children have a huge capacity for. Also, notice how Jesus says "forbid them NOT to come to Me…"  

    Well, Calvinists claim it's not possible for anyone to "come to God for Salvation due to being totally depraved", but yet, Jesus is clearly saying that anyone can in fact come to Him IF their mentality is meek like a small child, which is the reason why He provided this illustration about entering into the Kingdom of Heaven and what type of person will be able to. ONLY those who don't question God about what He says, and instead simply BELIEVE are those who are saved. All others God resists, unto they come to Him in the manner that He said clearly stated in His Word.  Great sermon Jack! Thanks

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