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  1. David Jaz

    Do not use veg oils for cooking they are poison, use animal fats lard etc they are very good for you and full of saturated fat which the human body needs. Animal fats are what we have used for thousands of years, we are carnivores and fat is our fuel not plants/carbs they detox us they don't feed us.

  2. stephen holmes

    I`ve Been on the keto diet, with intermittent fasting for 17 months and it works great. But now I`m going carnivore for a bit to see if I can get strength gains or more density, after which I may go back to a regular 'body building 'diet for a bit, so I can enjoy sweet potato etc again. After which I`ll be back to keto for the claimed health benefits. Depending on results. Not really expecting much to be honest, but the point is that no diet has to be sustainable for the long term, as long as you don`t go mixing them up all the time. The thing is if you are aware of what you`re putting in you`re gob you`ll probably be OK in the long term

  3. heymisterderp

    I can enter ketosis and eat starch too. It's called intermittent fasting. 12-13 hours of fasting a day, when I'm coming out of ketosis I'm not interested in another deprivation diet fad that I can't eat carbs. I'll eat all the carbs I want and I can stay 155 pounds soaking wet, exercise or not.

  4. C F

    some months ago I gave this a downvote because I lost 150lbs on keto easily and became dogmatic about it. Revisiting it now because I am humbled by the fact that I eventually started to struggle on keto when my nutritional needs changed – I was craving beans and fruit and wouldn't allow myself to have them until I started all-out binge eating. Now I have more balanced macros, have repaired my relationsihp with food, and am still as lean as keto got me.

  5. ceer001

    I was suffering from inflammation in my legs. But I didn't know it was inflammation. I figured I had back/hip problems because the pain seemed to start there. I figured if I lost weight it might help. A guy at work was doing keto so thought I'd try it. Within a week 90% of my pain was gone. I can now function like a normal human. I occasionally falter and eat a big carb/sugar weekend. The pain comes back and I have to relearn my lesson. But now I'm down 40lbs so double bonus.

  6. Marcus Bryan

    Man listen closely, I eat 5,000 with carbs and my stomach is about to touch my nose (joking) I eat 5,000 calories of 343 grams of protien and 232grams of fat and I'm losing fat and building MUSCLE at the same time.

    I don't know if I am still in ketosis but my body says other wise. You don't bloated and that is what makes me NEVER miss carbs ever.

    Remember science wingnuts that lose carbs so much. carbs is 4calories per grams fats however is 9calories per gram. Fats is needed and so is protien. you never hear people say "don't forget your needed carbohydrates" never all carbs is energy. Train your body to use fats and promise the benefits will be unreal.


    Try it for me I guess I'm an outlier not surprised. But to some who want to try it go ahead.

    1gram per pound of protien and half that for fats. So 250×1=250grams of protien (I add in 50 grams more)

    fat is 250×1÷2= 125grams of fats

    Space those in smaller MEALS and let the gains begin BURN FAT BULID MUSCLE AT THE SAMETIME.

  7. Chris Steigmeier

    Doing Keto and ONE MEAL A DAY (OMAD). 140 down to 120 pounds and going back up in muscle. 28 years old. Hears what I have to say about it. I eat A LOT of vegetables in that one meal. I am big on vegetables and I'm big on fat. I don't do bread, potatoes, refined carbohydrates. I do have 3 – 5 oz of meat at the beginning of my meal. This is a lifelong pursuit for me so I CHEAT. When I visit with my family I CHEAT. When my girlfriend makes us some delicious pasta I CHEAT. Cheat to much I feel like shit. Like how in meditation my mind comes back to my breath. My diet may wonder, but my diet comes back to healthy sustainable Keto and OMAD. Side note: getting ready for my first 5 day fast. Key word AUTOPHAGY. Wish me luck. 🙂

  8. A Lee

    Not all about muscle it’s overall health there is an abundance of carbs and sugar in this country over all health is why I do it blood pressure never better always did Olympic lifting eating exactly what I should m educated and RD student and going to get my PA degree so not lazy at all but I do Keto and IF at the same time and I feel awesome there is no ESSENTIAL CARB. Not hard at all to eat on a proper Keto diet everything taste amazing. I have zero craving for sugar or carbs none at all a lot of people don’t do Keto right it’s quality fats not deli meat from shop rite and Vienna sausage.

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