The Lords Prayer

The Lords Prayer

Prayer takes us to another level of spiritual awakening, no matter what kind of prayer it is, as long as the prayer is sincere and coming from our heart.


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  1. Mary Root

    gee I listened to this 8 months ago, I stopped right before what you said about animals. I wasn't ready to hear it. My beloved service dog was dying of heart failure and I had to put her down right after you posted this. Thank-you for the message, Michael, ready to hear it now.

  2. Pushback

    Wow! I got a hunch while doing my daily practice, that I shoud go to YouTube and find a spiritual interpretation of the lord's prayer, one of the first videos I found was this one, it really spoke to me and was very much in line with things I'm already practicing. Amazing!

  3. Carla

    I really appreciate this particular message because I start every day with the version I learned as a child. I have changed som of the wording on my own, some of which is exactly the same as in the ones shared here. It will much add more depth to my daily practice. Thank you, Michael.

  4. Misty Jacobson

    I am so thankful for finding you. I wanted to share the power in this prayer with everyone. On 2/20/18 I was driving to work and was led to verbally recite this prayer the entire drive. I don’t know exactly how many times I said it but I know the reason it has power in my life is because I actually feel it. About 2 hours after I got to work I was called into HR letting me know that was my last day at work due to a reduction in force. Let me say that I already knew this was going to happen because according to the Bible, God doesn’t do anything without revealing it to his prophets. Yes he revealed this plan to me and I was happy with it. I still am. This morning I did fall to my knees crying out to God and immediately His peace overcame me and reassured me he has us in his hands. Here I am now waiting for a door to open by God’s hand.

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