The Purpose of Friendship

The Purpose of Friendship

Our desire to build good and lasting friendships is often undermined by a lack of focus on what friendship should really be about. Getting clear about what friendship is for isn’t cynical;…


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  1. Master Blek

    I wonder if i am the gray piece.
    I've known someone for 4 years and yet he decided to help someone else he knows for 1 year.
    And when i ask why i wasn't involved in the project the person looks at me like i am some trash.
    His new friend took over the project and said that he was the one who hired everyone and this was a big lie.
    I am confused right now…
    Am i the gray one?

  2. Jessamine Gibb

    Thanks for that. I'm learning a language belonging to a culture very different to my own – perhaps the opposite of mine. I have started trying to make friends with language partners. My idea of friendship had always been pretty flawed I think, resulting in very close friendships which were about emotional intimacy that always ended catastrophically. I felt uncomfortable with making friends for more pragmatic reasons and friends whose ideas about things may be very different. I feel much better now that it is ok to make friends with practical motives so we can learn together.

  3. JulianJules

    FUCK ALL THIS. Modern times really suck, few centuries ago people didnt think like this. Things just flew, in spite of everything which was left unsaid. But nowadays we even question the idea of friendship. If this conciousness keeps developing, not meaning wisdom but conciousness, or better said, conciousness without wisdom, we will end up destroying the world. So It is nowadays more urgent than ever the time of supporting eachother and expressing what we feel as a consequence of this destructive conciousness, which makes us feel more and be full of aprehensions.

  4. Trenzinho da Alegria

    I see so according to you I have only 2 real friends and all others are acquaintances… Some acquaintances I feel obliged to support and some others feel obliged to support me but they are not friends as my relation of them is often tense and stressful. And also there was a person that could've been my thinking friend but I totally fucked up.

  5. María Del Rincón Yohn

    I don't think these topics are the purpose of friendship, but rather the effects of it. Friendship is loving someone for real. Usualy you love those you know well, and therefore, love you as well. But having this things as the purpose of friendships make that relationship revolt around oneself, and there's no way of finding that peace, or self-knowledge, or fun, if you are looking directly for those, instead of looking for what is good for the other. Love is not self-seeking per se, and friendship is love. And the good thing about true love is that brings many things (as the ones stated in the video) with it!

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