The Secret To Healthier Aging and Beautiful Skin! | DERMSquared | Dr Sam in The City

The Secret To Healthier Aging and Beautiful Skin! | DERMSquared | Dr Sam in The City

Want to know why managing chronic stress, exercising, eating healthily and sleeping well might actually help slow the ageing process? Dr Emma and I discuss!


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  1. mnk tfn

    Hi. Ever since watching this video there was something bugging me and I didn't know exactly what until now. I hope it's not a stupid question, but I was wondering about this: With Retinoids being very much the latest anti aging hype because of their ability to speed up cell turn over, doesn't that mean you go through skin cycles quicker, thus loosing Telomere length every time? It'd be interesting to know to what extent, if any, this could be harmful.

  2. L Noir

    dr sam I really do enjoy watching your videos and I really learn from them as well <3
    regarding this video I was wondering what you think of adapelene in both anti aging and acne? can we consider it an alternative to retinol?

  3. phrenic-ingout

    My question is unrelated to the topic of this video, but what are your thoughts on using niacinamide and vitamin c products together? I read that they should not be used together, but I saw a Paula's Choice serum which combines these actives, and I generally tend to think of PC as a well educated and formulated brand.

  4. Stephanie Sharp

    Through my struggle with acne I sometimes notice how others don't have to try very hard and their skin is naturally flawless. But if we with acne-prone skin really try to be healthier through those positive ways that you mentioned I think the whole trial is worth it. I really enjoy the idea of a balanced lifestyle to keep skin healthy and I personally have learned a ton about skin care through my battle. Thank you for another great video! xo

  5. KK TN

    Ok ladies, I have question. Overall, we're always trying to increase skin metabolism and speed up cell turnover. Im only 2mins in to the vid but before I forget, how does making our cells live longer by extending our telomere length fit into this scheme? From one skincare obsessive to another (a compliment!), I hope you'll answer. xoxo Kelly 💆🏼

  6. Wafa

    Loved this video! I think in general my struggle is achieving balance between a busy professional and personal life and not feeling stressed constantly. I also know the more time I spend reading the news the worse off I am, but I don't want to live in a bubble!

  7. Chicpea101

    Brilliant video, excellent explanation ladies. Loved Dr Emma's comment at the end 'have a great day' I say that everyday to myself ' today is going to be a good day and don't sweat the small stuff' ( sometimes easier said than done X

  8. Artlover

    Really very interesting with good, clear "sensible" advice from start to finish.
    The only thing I'm bad about is not finding the good in myself = I'm very self critical, but i find that it makes me try harder with whatever I'm doing the next time !
    Thank you for this.

  9. MaryEllen After 60

    This is the first time I've heard the word "telomere." Very interesting. I do enjoy your channel so much. I will be 64 this year, and have never had any type of facial procedure. I use Tretinoin, and enjoy the results. But, I must say most all of the other factors you discussed, I realized have also made improvements in my skin, Blessings..MaryEllen

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