The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff

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  1. gratefulMinimalist

    This is really saddening that this the true nature of people now-a-days. People are happy with lot of materials in life, leading to consumerism and a capitalist society. This characteristic in people is a grave concern, people should be educated not to love things. It must be a part of school curriculum and the parents must be educated in this subject matter too. Many people hold degrees and high level jobs but are too ignorant the way they behave. I am a minimalist myself and the last time I bought a commodity for myself was never. I only buy food and that is all. I use public transport for a large part and buy groceries and often eat out. You may think that I live in some far off rural land but I live in Sydney. I would like to educate people and create an awareness about these issues, if someone has ideas pleases share it with. If you are like minded and would discuss these issues, please feel free to contact me.

  2. Rebecca Hickey

    I can’t believe I’ve only just realised. Just discovered this. I’ve been living in waste the last 22 years of my life in waste, learning how to waste, contributing to such a shitty system!

    Well at least now I’m changing it. 👍

  3. Steven Rusch

    When I examine the garbage, I always take out the recyclables. When in my fill I couldn't eat anymore food, I give it to my raccoons to eat. When I buy stuff, I'd have good reason for keeping it. And when I must throw something out, I simply provide to Good Will.
    It's just a thing I developed.

  4. Susan

    Notice there are no sources listed from where she gets her statistics, nor any information about her to legitimize her “research”. This message could have been better relayed without the liberal biased and propaganda. It’s scary to think teachers are actually using this video in their curriculum . Before you believe any statistic in this video please do your own research!

  5. Nathan Begg

    That Victor guy didn't design the system, he simply recognized that the system was heading in that direction, however true some of the content may be, there's no way this isn't a biased piece….why school…why must i watch and analyse this…

  6. Shallan Davar

    This video isn't supposed to be unbiased. Sure, it expresses liberal beliefs, but it never pretends that it isn't opinionated. This isn't a news station. It is important that a news station be unbiased because the people who watch take what is aired as fact. This video is trying to make a point, and if that point is liberal, that doesn't make it invalid.

  7. Rachel Kranz

    There's a reason this seems hokey. Corporations have spent so much money to keep their practices quiet and out of the public's eye; there have been smear campaigns and advertisements selling everyone a pretty lie that's much easier to swallow than the hard truth. People don't want to stop buying things because that's how early corporations set up the system. Follow the money see where companies produce their products. One example is Nike sweatshops where the factory workers are literally dying from the poor conditions and scant pay. Any hate on this video is either a paid corporate media consultant or another person who has been tricked, like all of us have, by the system. I'm not saying those who accept this message are better than those who don't; I'm saying if you really are mad about this message prove it wrong and do the research.

  8. Nicholas Craven

    If your doing this for school alot of her data points are incorrect and out dated. She is spinning things in her direction first of all as well as leaving an average +/- of about 8%. so i am supposed to write a paper on incorrect data points and listen to this lady for 21 mins? jesus

  9. riffat younis

    Well done, Another very educated woman contributing to the betterment of the consumer cycle.
    Personally I love shopping,I would go shopping everyday if I could. But the way the 'stuff' is produced is very shocking and very saddening.

  10. Samlittle24

    I’m just going to throw another perspective here; sorry for the length!

    She does point out some important environmental, corruption, and consumption problems, but making the government bigger through regulation, as she indirectly reasoned, isn’t the way to go about it. However, sustainability, equity, green chemistry, zero wastes, closed-loop production, and renewable energy are important, and we should all advocate them, not force them.

    To begin, companies don’t leave America because of a lack of resources; they leave because it is too expensive to operate in a country that regulates every part of their business and taxes extremely high. Third world countries don’t have these restrictions, so they can produce freely. But companies aren’t environmentally friendly? Partially True: renewability of resources and renewable energy aren’t efficient enough yet to be profitable. When they do become profitable, which will likely be soon, then companies will switch to them. That’s why it is important to focus on perfecting these technologies. Also, if companies are unsafe and unhealthy, then people don’t have to work there; businesses can’t function without workers, so those businesses will be forced to change their practices or go under… Corruption is a problem and something that should be focused on, but there is nothing wrong with big corporations; if someone earned their way to success, then good for him, and now they can hire more people.

    The whole thing she said about planned and perceived obsolescence is true, but that is the problem with a materialistic culture. This wouldn’t be the case if people didn’t care; but people do care, so companies take advantage of that. There is nothing wrong with being smart and making profits.

    Btw, the military as of 2015 was only 16%, (as opposed to over 50%), of the Federal Budget whereas Social Security, unemployment & labor, and Medicare & Health were 60%. Our government’s job is not to watch out for us and take care of us; that is what our friends, families, charities, and ourselves are for. Our government’s most basic job is to protect our liberty. The preamble states that our government’s goal is to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote [Not Provide] the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

    The video has good intentions, it is just over-simplified and misinterprets several statistics.
    Question me if you have any! I’m doing this for fun

  11. Kyle Ludlam

    I completely believed all of this up until u got to where u talked about computers and now I see how much you are stretching the truth it makes me question every thing you are saying. CTR monitors can cause cancer and are horrible for the environment and u still use one cause u don't want to throw it away and computers are easily upgradable unless u get a laptop.

  12. Ch4risma

    hey actually I have been part of this cycle for the past 25 years and I am going to make sure I keep makeing the world a worse place :angry emoji: hahahahahaha im so evil heheheehhe hohooooooo gotten , pranked baby WOOOOOOOOOO ya ye

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