The Vortex—Shameless

The Vortex—Shameless

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  1. Brad B

    why would any logical rational reasonable person support and defend this charlatan industry, it's legalized fraud, would a god really need power money gold real estate ect, it has nothing to do with the credibility of the truth all about the bottom line 💲💲💲 👍😎

  2. David#323

    There are a lot of other concerns outside of the homosexual and pedophile issues. Sisters of Mercy use the God, Jesus and Catholic logos to promote their educational, hospitals and aged care businesses. But the nuns just mock the claimed teachings of Christ if it does not suit their needs. I had worked at a school run by the nuns. A cover up needed to take place so a false report was placed in my file so I would take the blame. At a latter stage the head nun must have felt guilty that I was damaged by lies. She then told a story about white lies. She did not admit to a lie or say what the story related to but it was obvious. She said that if a lie was for the overall good of the community it was a white lie. (So it was for the good of the community for me to be damaged to protect the nuns holy image.) If people wished to read my true story google white lies test blog and google innuendo test blog.

  3. Paul Leclair

    Ironic isn't it? Because Mr. Voris focused on "pursuing the truth and exposing it", Father Ricardo said that Michael would end up leaving the Church.

    And that's the same thing, among other unfortunate things, that the people at Church Militant said about me just a couple of years ago, when I insisted that a Catholic had not only the right, but the duty to resist and refute the false teachings and modernist ways of Pope Francis. I was labelled a heretic by a CM moderator and banned from participating and commenting on their website, and was told that I would end up losing the Catholic faith and leaving the Church.

    Yep. Ironic. To say the least.

  4. Regina Smith

    Yay for Raymond! God bless his work, and yours Michael. Really sorry to hear that Fr. John Riccardo said that about you. I really like him. Maybe he has changed his view now. God bless the Church. Help our priests, and help Pope Francis repent.

  5. Emmet Sweeney

    Cardinal Napier's comments show that those bishops and cardinals who want to clean up the church will get no support from Africa. Why? Because the African church is itself completely mired in sexual immorality and scandal. Those who think the African church will save the church don't know the African church.

  6. Tony Giordano

    The problem regarding our Catholic Church is not about homosexuals, but about all sexual persons. Every human being was given sex as a gift from God, not from the Catholic Church. But the Catholic Church usurped this gift and took control, first establishing their own reality that sex is sin. This is a direct attack against God because God does not give sin to mankind, and certainly not deceitfully in the guise of a gift. So, investigate this matter, since probably 30% of all dogma surrounds sex as mortal sin. The Church permits it to those parishioners who are married and trying to have a child. No other. But God gave sex to EVERY LIVING THING, without rules and regulations. Naturally, forcing sex upon any innocent person is both a sin and a crime, so we must not confuse this issue. This is why it is urgent that we learn right from wrong. When the traditionalist Cardinals fight to blindly obey all Church dogma because it was established for two thousand years they are committing sin by creating two thousand years of anxiety for a gift given to mankind by God and causing parishioners to choose sex over the constant threat of eternal damnation. Please follow Pope Francis into our future.
    cf. my youtube: The Art of Men Acting

  7. Christy Read

    I sent Raymond a message just 3 days ago, saying he needs to interview you and join us. Doug Barry was the first familiar EWTN face , I also sent one to Lauren telling her she needs to watch "Headlines" so all the bad news won't be such a shock .

  8. Romanus

    Except for Christ, everything is only for now. We will be cheering for the damnation of wicked men we the Saints are seated in heaven (God willing). This is what happens when authorities are given too much power and too much money.

  9. Linda Olson

    Those of you who suggest withholding money are quite correct, it is the only thing some people understand. The Vatican IS dependent on American money to keep going, if that cash is not forthcoming it will force them to listen to the faithful, be it clergy, religious and laity. I for one stopped a year ago. I cannot continue to fund the hierarchy's payoffs, Attorney fees, their luxurious lifestyle, and their 6 figure companies who work to restore their image.
    No Catholic should pay for their lack of conscience and subsequent mortal sins. They have not lived up to the vows THEY freely made. Imagine how hurt Jesus is by that alone.

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