The Worst “Health” Foods for Kids

The Worst “Health” Foods for Kids

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  1. Eva Kalenska

    Depends on the juice, right ? Cause my 2 yr old son just doesn't want to eat any fruit nor vegetable and in despair, I started to buy juice but I read the labels and I buy the ones who are organic and most natural. Believe me, I tried to make smoothies at home but he just won't touch it 😫

  2. Heather Couch

    Dr Berg, I have recently enjoyed watching lots of your videos and agree wholeheartedly with your approach to healthy eating and weight loss. I have started a keto diet for myself to lose and get healthy. However, my ten year old son has struggled his entire life with LOW weight, and by low I mean he has seen nutritionists and has been diagnosed with severe malnutrition and is currently about 15% points below 0 on the growth curve. His problems started around 12 months when starting solid foods. He has almost no appetite at all and when he does eat, it’s about 3-4 mouthfuls and he’s full. He’s also allergic to a large number of foods, including dairy, nuts, beef, potato, peanuts, peas and other legumes, but is fine with wheat and soy. His nutritionist has recommended a feeding tube, but has given us the option to try to get his weight up by diet. Your recommendations in this particular video are wonderful for the average or perhaps skinny child, but what opinion would you give for a child who has eating difficulties and who is in a constant calorie deficit? He is 60 inches tall and weighs 54 lbs.

  3. Ms Janet

    Wow, my 8 year old eats/drinks all of these. He's very picky. He drinks apple juice. He drinks a 'nutrition' drink – Boost for kids for breakfast. Not to gain weight, just for vitamins. He's a little chunky but this is what he will eat. He only likes pasta, pizza, Mac n cheese, He eats bananas, no veggies. He loves yogurt. Is organic vanilla yogurt ok? That's why he drinks nutrition drinks but obviously, not good…

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