This aging process…accept it or fight til the end!

This aging process…accept it or fight til the end!

Aging is not easy and is probably one of the most frustrating things we have to deal with. These are my thoughts on this aging process and how I’m dealing with …


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  1. Hazel .white

    Patti, I’ve only recently found your channel in 2018, and I’m now going all the way back to watch, back to back, from the beginning. You do so inspire me to do more for my appearance, I’m 70 and all of a sudden I do feel my age, but since watching your channel I feel that there are things I can do to help myself feel more youthful, after all age is only a number. So off I go to start right here with you on your you tube journey, mind you I think I might keep jumping back to present day because I’m already hooked on watching you. You seem such a beautiful lady, inside and out. Lots love xx

  2. Mary Palm

    I would like to share an expression my mother used to say as she went through the dreaded 60's.." Growing old is a b_t_h! Now that I am in my mid 60's..I would have to agree. It's a new set of realities that I guess should make us more contemplative as we approach the home stretch, so to speak. This is why I decided to see who else out there was struggling with the aging process. So I'm glad google searched this for me and put it in my home page.

    So now, just let me say, that I love your chit chat style of talking, and of course, the southern accent is just precious…so keep on talking, I'll be listening 🙂 God Bless!

  3. rxstrmom

    You are kind Mary but if I wanted a facelift I would have had one a long long time ago. The older I get the more I like who I am becoming. I'm amazed that I feel the way I do….liking who I am and just taking care of myself to be the best I can be everyday on the outside and the inside….

  4. African Honey Badger

    Hi there. I really like the positive approach to aging that you're presenting here. I'm 37 and I'm already increasingly aware of the passage of time on my body and spirit. I want to reach my 40s with as much grace and good health as possible, which I'm finding is starting to be a challenge. However, I want to be exposed to honest views about this natural process to understand it better. That's why I'm starting to seek out wisdom on this topic. I think your channel will provide a lot of that. I don't have any specific ideas on topics for now; I'm open to a variety, but mainly stories on your experiences of what has worked for making this process easier for you.

  5. Jessie Cardona

    Wow, loved this video! You are such an inspiration for women who think, they are the only ones aging. Don't worry about the mean comments, I know we don't like them, but remember they're not about you, it's all about whoever makes the mean comments. I will be following you. Good Health and God Bless.

  6. Nancy Whitehead

    Obviously Patti you do not look your age. it's wonderful you had the advantage of working for a Fortune 500 Cosmetic Company and could take advantage of their research. It does help but also make sure where you live you have the best Dermatologist you can find there, I have always lived in their offices along with Allergists and had the benefit of their expertise. I have very fair delicate skin and i am 78 years old. Because i live in Michigan I grew up on one of the Great Lakes in Summers here and our many inland lakes as a young child and suffered from Sunburn often..We had no Sunblocks then but my mother did get me to Dermatologists and they did what they could at the time. I want to mention Skin Cancer because i know so far i have had 7 removed all over my body and i have read this is now rampant world wide Your skin looks much like mine so i hope you will see to any skin problem that arises and have it looked at quickly. Skin Cancer among our age group is now rampant. Your skin is beautiful and I applaud you for taking such good care of it For myself, they taught me early on with my delicate skin "Less is more." I do that now, but i do use Olay anti aging products, which i highly recommend to you and several are available at Costco at a good price. i look forward to your channel and look forward to more of your video' s. Welcome to You Tube Patti..You are a lovely Southern Lady with beautiful manners and charm. I would also mention you are very articulate.

  7. Maxim Petrov

    Kudos for the video content! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you thought about – Riddleagan Pic Trick Remedy (do a search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for stopping aging and looking younger minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend Sam  got amazing success with it.

  8. Nikhil Sukumar

    So good of you to post this video. You are so nice and gentle. Your voice is so soothing and warm. The things you said are absolutely gold. I have a suggestion. Please avoid checking up your hair in the beginning of the video. Check it prior the beginning. You can be free with us we are all your friends.

  9. janet leight

    I am 56,..with a warm undertone, but I am pale.I am a natural brunette, question I have for you is: should I go ash blonde or a honey blonde,..I want to go lighter,..I think you are more of a ash blonde.,..wanting to know your thoughts please.

  10. thanks59300

    Well you are very lucky to be in late sixties before noticing aging appear. You are beautiful still and your prior ages too! I just turned 55 and this past year has been MY year of sudden change. Before I was mistaken for late thirties or early forties. But my 15 yo got cancer two years ago. First year I looked ok. The last year not so good. Lost 29 pounds. Stress.? Anyway. I suddenly look ten to fifteen older than I did a year or two ago. Being in fixed income will never afford cosmetic surgery. Not meaning to whine here at all. Just telling you how great you look. And your videos are inspiring and will be watching more as I try to find my way back from the trauma of going through a life or death situation with my son. It's been hard and your videos help show me life is what you make of it!! Pretty lafy

  11. Marilyn R

    I just thought I would go back to the beginning of your channel as I enjoy your videos. I think you are the closest to my age on here and I so enjoy your videos. I have to say since I hit 60 things facially(and elsewhere) have gone downhill. I am 68 in March. It felt almost overnight, just like you said. Like you I came on here for some help, and lo and behold, you are one of the ladies I found. The ageing process continues and no way can I manage surgical or non surgical interference so still on the lookout for help. Thank you for what you do. You look fabulous.

  12. Debby Lynch

    Hi Patti, up until recently I didn't even know these channels existed. I bought a book by a salon owner who specializes in makeovers and subscribed to his You Tube videos because I love to see makeovers. Then I started getting suggestions from You Tube for other videos. So far you are the only one I have subscribed to. I took a peek at another girl and was so turned off by her claim that the makeup (that she apparently got a complimentary shipment of) was good for mature skin when she is YEARS away from having mature skin and is thus clueless about it that I stopped watching before the video was even over. BTW, I am 55. Since I work full time it will take me a while but I am starting from the beginning to watch all your videos.

  13. Peachykeen Woman

    Patti, your channel has been such a breathe of fresh air for me! Not only has the content been great, but your down-to-earth and kind personality comes shining through and it's much appreciated! Count me as one of your 60+yrs old fans that will be taking a daily break with you and your previous vids 'til I get caught up…and looking forward to the new ones! Many thanks!

  14. Heddy Bell

    Dear Patti – I have been subscribed to your channel for a few months now and can't imagine what it was like not having you 'in my life' beforehand!  I have just come across this – your very first You Tube video made 3 years ago.  So refreshing, so different, so much needed … no wonder you have gained such popularity on You Tube. You are a revelation especially for the mature woman. I can see that so many subscribers feel the way I do from their comments – you are such a beautiful and special soul to us.  How lucky we are that you decided to start up your own channel. I hope you continue to do these for many long years to come. God Bless. x ps the photographs are stunning.  You have simply grown from a beautiful young bud into a beautiful mature bloom

  15. Glitzy Fritzy

    Patti you are gorgeous, when I saw your channel I watched your latest video and then thought OMG she is 71!!! NO WAY, I can learn alot from this wonderful lady and so I've come back here to the beginning to watch what you have to say. You are so beautiful! I've added you to my subscription list. I usually watch on my Apple TV and don't know how you can do some things on there that you can on a computer so I will try and "like" on the computer.

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