Tips to Starting a Healthy Lifestyle|2017

Tips to Starting a Healthy Lifestyle|2017

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  1. Blue_Tazmily

    hey so I'm 13 and I'm really unconfident with my body and I'm also a type one Diabetic so eating and being healthy is crucial for me. I don't drink a lot of water because I barely get thirsty during the day but I get thirsty at night and drink an okay amount then. I feel like my butt and thighs are really fat tbh they are. I have no interest in Excercise but ik it's important. help!!

  2. anonymous messenger

    it makes a lot of sense to eat REAL foods. my cousins in nigeria are all in shape but eat quite a bit. they are more active (walking more, etc.), they eat at regular times of the day, and they eat real food with ingredients made in Nigeria (we cook everything)

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