TOP 10 Foods That DO Affect The Blood Sugar

TOP 10 Foods That DO Affect The Blood Sugar

IN THE VIDEO I WRITE GRAPE BUT I ACTUALLY MEAN GRAPEFRUIT. Here are the tools and products I use: Hurom Slow Juicer: Vitamix …


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  1. Joe Cipriano

    Don't just tell us "Starchy Foods", give a list of those food high in starch and another thing please learn how to pronounce the name of these foods. Your video's are totally awesome but your accent is getting the pronunciation all F'd up. Before you even start a video learn the correct sound if each food, ie: such as the way you pronounce "basil", and it's CITRUS not CYTRUS. Drives me nuts. Good luck and thanks for you awesome video's.

  2. T Shaw

    Eating (mostly) raw has changed my life. I have dropped 24 lbs at this point and am now off the Metformin I was taking for diabetes. High fat, low carb and no sugar eating has improved my health so much. Thank you for the informational videos and keep them coming!

  3. Ruth Cunningham

    We come from nature. Thus we are suppose to be fueling our bodies with fresh foods from nature (foods from the garden). It's that simple. All the processed foods are not made in nature. They are made my man in a factory and are full of sugar, salt, preservatives, and other chemicals. Thus, they are not healthy for the body and the body has a difficult time processing these foods. People make this topic complicated, but it's easy.

  4. DavidCédric

    Fast and slow sugars are a Myth that comes from a theory that was debunked more than 20 years ago,but few doctors and nutritionists heard or accepted the news. It takes between 25 to 30 min for the peak of sugar to all sugars( simple or complex)

  5. 13Gladius 2

    Potatoes, cooked, eaten when cold digest more slowly so r less bad. AND popcorn? why is that listed w/deserts n sweets? I really think popcorn, when done properly, is a good thing. Legumes? Th 'G' is hard sound NOT soft like 'j' otherwise Ur pronunciation is Ok.

  6. Zem

    sorry, you've called pasta and potatoes empty carbs with no other nutrition? 100g good quality durum wheat pasta is 12-14g protein. you also claim potato is filled with additives? explain.

  7. adrienne gellman

    If you want to seriously reduce how much some of the above foods effect your blood sugar all you have to do is cook them and cool/refiridgerate them overnight.For instance if you to this to potatoes,100% whole wheat pasta,brown rice or beans you create RESISTANT STARCH.When one eats Resistant Starch (and other foods the body doesn't digest like nuts,corn apples,apricots) YOUR BODY DOESN'T ABSORB MOST OF THE CARBS AND CALORIES.I just read a full article about this in The March 2016 issue of PREVENTION MAGAZINE.Also if you want to find out more about RESISTANT STARCH please Google:Resistant starch.   Thank You

  8. Riversleigh1

    As a nurse I feel compelled to raise awareness in my organization about what we should be feeding patients. Unfortunately though, it is the patients themselves that derail any attempts to change or be educated. A patient who wants bacon and eggs with bread plus cereal get just that. They refuse the right foods and so there is no point investing in their health. We bandaid their problems, give insulin and amputate their limbs because they resist change. Diabetics are worse than smokers.

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