Top 20 Cancer Killing Foods

Top 20 Cancer Killing Foods

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  1. Samuel Aviles

    Wow thank you doctor. My wife has been struggling with tumors in the brain and the throat and after one blend of detoxifying vegetables and fruit seeds and she immediately felt a change. We will stick to this and more ingredients we found. Thank you doctor.

  2. mar jn

    Garlic and if you want add raw honey. chop 1 garlic bulb wait 15 minutes mix with honey don't chew but swallow down with water. please drink water before and after. once you take it some people experience a detox effect diarrhea, ect. take on a empty stomach.

  3. Bj Day

    I have just had two breast cancer surgeries (1 was, 1 wasn't) and I am facing 17 targeted radiation treatments, plus a chemotherapeutic pill for FIVE years (!) so your list is important to me, except that there are some that I have no idea where to get…I know…GOOGLE right?

  4. Sweet Shay

    Great video! I had flu symptoms and drunk hot water with fresh ginger lemon with the peel grated and cayenne. After 3 days I had no symptoms. And I ate a lot of garlic with my food because I love garlic. And I drink Amazing Grass drinks in the morning.

  5. Turquoise E

    Watercress is amazing I pick my own my manager taught me to pick some edibles. I notice that 40 mins after I consume a bunch of watercress I feel so awake as if I had drunk 3 coffee cups 😂, must be all the nutrients since I consume it in it's wild form.

  6. Makenzie Rae

    23 years old and they found severe pre cancerous cells along with noninvasive cancerous cells. A month after my biopsy and my doctor was shocked that he couldn't find anything. I got to cancel my appointment with my oncologist and I'm just being monitored now. I ate a lot of Tumeric, bone broth, matcha, and mushroom supplements. I've always been healthy so I believe it was primarily emotionally caused.

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