Top 5 Foods For Thicker Healthier Hair

Top 5 Foods For Thicker Healthier Hair

Hey guys, just wanted to share my top favourite foods for hair health Amla Green leafy vegetables Nuts and seeds (foods high in vit e) Green tea Brazil nuts Hope you are well my friend,…


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  1. Jason Case

    I don't see any only alma foods online but I do see alma pills or vitamins and alma berries.
    I assume either are beneficial.

    This week I'll be buying nuts or seeds that are high in vitamin e.
    Also a green leafy vegetable.

    Currently I have spinach, all natural brazil nuts, and Green Tea.

    I have fine hair which is why I am eating this foods and drinking Green Tea to alter my hair to thick.

  2. Jason Case

    You don't specify for what kind of Green Tea, Brazil Nuts so I assume that any kind would be beneficial.
    Green Tea can be bought at Hy Vee including Green Tea that you don't have to make.

    Currently I'm eating Organic Green Spinach.
    I still need the Green Tea, and other 3 foods. Also a other Green Leafy vegetable.

  3. Shane Is Here

    I do all these things and my hair seems to be in better shape. Maybe do a video on things/foods to avoid if you wanna prevent hair loss? No point in doing all these healthy habits and not backing them up with preventative measures too.

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