Top 7 Brain Stimulating Foods – The Happy Pear Recipe

Top 7 Brain Stimulating Foods – The Happy Pear Recipe

Here’s our recipe video for our top 7 brain stimulating foods to help you show your exams who’s boss! Doing exams can be difficult and exhausting especially …


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  1. Lebanah Stephen

    Thank you so much for that!! Came on youtube while i was having lunch (red rice with curried eggs) because I have an exam tomorrow! You guys are so adorable and i was like, "hey they're twins. Ohmygod I'm so racist for thinking white people look the same!!" And then i went to your page and i was like phew! First video i watched, i subscribed!! 🙂
    I try to eat healthy as much as i can!
    I'm from India btw.

  2. Jeanette Behan

    Hi there, love all your health tips and recipes. Can you give a bit of information on vegetarian eating while training for events such as a sprint triathlon. How do we ensure we are getting all of the fuel we need and still eat healthily at times like this?

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