Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis — 30 Day Challenge! (Lose Weight FAST)

Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis — 30 Day Challenge! (Lose Weight FAST)

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  1. Rebecca Miljanic Makeup

    I'm on day 4. I've listened to this morning and night. Granted I had the gastric bypass in 2015 so I've already lost 180 pounds from that. But I've been stalled at 210 for a couple months.

    That being said 4 days ago I was 210 and today on my fourth day I am 207.

    My appetite and obsession with food has really really dulled. I haven't been wanting to snack. Usually I am a chocolate addict and I want something small almost every day (the gastric bypass doesn't change your brain) but since I've started this I haven't wanted it.
    Also I've been way more motivated to at least at the very least do some sit ups in my living room. All 4 days I have done something active. For instance yesterday I took my little girl to the park. It's not a long walk from our house but it is on a steady incline. Or planking, sit ups, attempting a push up…..all these things are not normal for me and I haven't done them since high school in 2007.
    It seems like it works and I will keep checking back in

  2. Ristygirl *

    I'm a teen who is very overweight and I've tried everything it seemed until I found this. I'm only on my first day after listening to it last night and this morning but I already feel the effects. I feel like I actually want to eat healthier and that I can. Thank you so much. I'll update weekly in the replies to this comment.

  3. Fefe Gee

    Thank you so much for this video! I am on day 5 and am already down 3 lbs!! I was feeling so helpless and depressed about my weight, so glad I found this!! Although I have a long way to go, I am so glad to FINALLY be able to see progress, unlike all the other diets/quick fixes I've done recently with no results. This is truly a life saver and changer for me!! Again, thank you Mr. McGraw for this video!

  4. Solerisa

    I listened to this hypnosis session for about 20-25 days and impressive changes started in my life! I have lost 4 kilos, but most importantly, I trust myself more and I was very stressed with other people's problems, but I am not so much any more. This, combined with some subliminals has helped me tremendously! Thank you!

  5. Eva Godwin

    I fall asleep and stay asleep for longer periods of time. I get go to the bathroom and then I am out again by listening to it again. I like how it alters between my ears and seems to put me sleep by doing that.

  6. Vanessa Dial

    I started about 3 weeks ago and I haven't weighed myself but I stopped going back and forth to the fridge while being a stay at home mom.😊 BUT idk if its because aunt flow is coming soon I've been slightly craving sweets but I'm better at fighting it off now than I was for years and years. I'm just hoping its not wearing off or anything😥 I also stick with 3 small portions for every meal and 2 very healthy snacks compared to before this it was anything I could get my hands on and junk all day. I normally dont give feedback to whatever I try but this is something more people should know about because it's definitely a great way to start a healthy lifestyle😊

  7. Nidhi Sharma

    I really really want this to work. The comments below sound so promising. I have a different kind of weight to lose. I started putting on massive amounts of weight right after getting an IUD. I had been at a steady 64-67 Kgs all my life. Three weeks after getting the IUD, I hit 73. And it never stopped going up. It would stall every time I went on my exercise and diet phase for 6 weeks at a time but then I would see no results and I'd give up. I am now 81 Kgs. During this time, I trained for 10k's, climbed Machu Picchu over 5 days and basically maintained a very active lifestyle. I got rid of the IUD 3 weeks ago but the weight hasn't come off. In all fairness, my diet isn't the best just now. I eat crap about 40% of the time. This 40% estimate is based on my food diary. I exercise about 3-4 times a week.
    So, I am THE perfect candidate. I tell ya, if I can lose weight then ANYONE can. I have had three surgeries since 2016, history of endometeriosis and ovarian cysts, a missing gall bladder, super accident prone, hormonal mood swings, battle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks and loads of other stuff. I'll update my results here in case anyone is looking to see if this works on a near impossible case.

  8. Child OfGod

    I dozed off in the bathtub, not recommended… I have listened to many, too many perhaps…mind altering hypnosis sessions while I sleep. I thought this would be fine to use while awake in the tub due to not having any results from other sessions. Trigram Healing for Christian meditation has helped…but this was instant. Thank You. I am listening for the second time, after my bath to rest, I will update my results each day. As I am sure you and all reading the comments would appreciate the truth with no bias.

  9. Jenny Burns

    This is my update to my updated update. I have been listening every night. About 10 weeks now. I am down another 3.5 lbs + 15lbs =18.5 lbs total so far! I am confident I will reach my goal weight.
    I have fibromyalgia & anyone that has it or knows someone that does, you understand it is extremely difficult to drop a pound. I have steadily gained weight due to medications. I have osteoarthritis in my knees & my hips, it hurts constantly. This weightloss has helped my pain! I really recommend this to all. Thank you David McGraw!

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