Undoomed is Trash || Taking Out The Trash

Undoomed is Trash || Taking Out The Trash

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  1. Bob Thornton

    If you've ever read the story of David Reimer, and John Money, and the twins that were sexually reassigned and used as Dr. Money's test subjects, there would be a more clear understanding of gender and how trying to redefine it for children is dangerous for their psychological development.

  2. Bob Thornton

    Gender, like privilege, culture and addiction has become a meaningless blanket term.
    Saying that someone who has a vagina is a woman because we agreed upon it, is philosophical bullshit, if you called a man a Lit, and a woman a Vit, wouldn't matter because they mean the same thing, "A rose by any other name."
    Feynman said many a philosopher died of hunger by questioning whether or not the fork on the table was real.

  3. [ Media Xissx ]

    Why are these anti-sjws so into owning people they disagree with, but never provide counter arguments? The just use these awful jokes and rebuttals but never provide anything of substance to the conversation. These are pretty much just reaction videos.

  4. Donny Rosart

    Since whether you have a hoo haw or a hee haw defines gender for this fellow, is his mannequin avatar non-binary? Or are there traits besides a penis or a vagina (see, I do know the words) that can be described as generally masculine or feminine?

  5. Travis C

    undoomed seriously sounds like he is leading a incel group that is about to prop up the next school shooter. His shit seems to be the same alt-right shit of people wanting to be assholes without having to face the repercussions of being an asshole. Is this…"owning de libtards" on youtube these days?..because im hardcore liberal and can trash my own group better than this fuckboy.

  6. Fax Machine

    People, friends, and strangers: Please learn the word reactionary and implement it into evaluating all sorts of information you intake. This undoomed guy I've had the blessing of never knowing until watching this a clear reactionary, and people like that are always garbage people. Thanks for sharing poppa Jake you're a non-reactionary badass.

  7. Scott King

    I was going to give this a second chance… I started listening to it again as I was writing out a long well thought out question for you…and I give up, you straw man his stupid jokes, and points as much if not more than he strawmans their points. I’m done, I don’t have the energy for your verbal diarrhea. You suck now, undoomed sucks now, but in this video, he started off weak and was a little stronger towards the end, you were the exact opposite.

    Looks like you gave up on this video about the same time I did… except it didn’t seem like you gave your self a chance to be funny, witty, or anything worth anybody’s time. Gorsh, what a fucking train wreck

  8. stormweaver82

    The first point is vapid, and when jake talks about it…..he has a little trouble, more so than when discounting silly christian notions. I mean it sounds like he just argues it is not as vapid as vapid is, like he wants undoomed to used less than vapid…but in the same vain? The comment stars with "I am a cis male that likes shirts. " or in common, non ideology terms "I am a straight male, that likes shirts."

    Then he goes into suggesting that most people identify as male and female, and it might not always be that way. Well what about the rest of the animal kingdom? Humans seem to be the only ones that might want to identify as something else, kind of like how everyone often has fantasies about being more or something else that they are not right now. But when undoomed says it is the social scientists that are roughly debating over it…no huh? "No no…its just society exspanding are definitions of maybe I don't want to be called a man." you know…like a sissy, a girly boi which he had trouble with the term at the beginning, you know "put the sissy in cis" "but who cares?" no one. so this video…seems vapid. Mmmm, taste the circular logic, put it in your mouth and taste it.

    And then he can't burn or top, someone self depricating themselves. That…is why…it is an effective tool like comedy.

    If he argues anything more than "Who cares, no one cares." after the 10 minute mark, let me know.

  9. alastermyst

    "Who cares if someone wants to be or thinks they are x" Well, seeing as those groups want to use either the force of gov, the threat of the mob, etc. to force others to capitulate to their demands, I would hope everyone who cares about freedom. If you want to be an astral gender iguana who is 30,000 years old who prefers others call you master, feel free. As long as no one tries to force me to play your game by say making not using your "preferred pronoun" a "hate crime", get a mob together to attack me on the street, get a mob to harass my employers in an attempt to get me fired and all the problems that come with losing your income, etc.

  10. Barbaroi

    Man there's a certain irony to the people commenting that they're surprised people still watch undoomed, despite the fact he has more subs, typically more views, and less videos then this channel. That and this channel has been around three years longer.
    I never really watched any videos from these guys, and I doubt I really will if this is the content they make.

  11. Jiian

    Started out with calling people sissy. Classy. He said "cis" oh noes. But…. honestly identifying yourself as a male, cis or otherwise and saying 1 really pointless thing about yourself is a pretty vapid way of introducing oneself. Is it less vapid to take out cis and the fun descriptor? Yeah, marginally. Honestly, I would have criticized his introductory statement as vapid too. I stopped watching here, simply because I didn't want to hear more from undoomed and Jakes take down of him from the outset was pretty lame, so…. meh.

  12. Oxy

    Jake and Hugo are now members of the church of diversity. total fail, look at the thumbs down, religious nuts, you have become special fruit cases.
    the way forward is unisex, 1 pronoun, not thousands with special treatment. the patriarchy is not real. it is not a sin to be a white male for example. stop talking about sex, race, religion… just stop…

  13. Cameron Venegas

    The best thing I can think of for keeping two genders as a norm is they have nice descriptive words for many Applications. Also it would be easier to add genders than take away but you can expect everyone to know them all. And people should still have their biological sex listed on government documents unless they change their gender.

  14. Scott King

    Making fun of a guy you disagree with, who is making fun of someone he disagrees with…really taking out the trash here jake, your not producing trash at all…

    Seriously though, your rebuttals to everything he says are just as vacuous as his are to the original video. I used to watch undoomed until his videos became just making fun of these stupid videos instead of bringing up facts that support his arguments. That’s about where I see this series going.

    I don’t even like your JP videos cause you are so pedantic with your criticism, it’s really cringey . Seriously, TJ has better, more well thought out arguments against JP. Anyway, good luck with this new shitty content, hopefully this series will start to get better than the shit you’re criticizing.

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