Van Jones on the Beatitudes Society

Van Jones on the Beatitudes Society

Van Jones, the new White House Green Jobs Czar, speaks to the Beatitudes Society about the relationship between faith and social justice action.


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  1. Jason Wilder

    This guy is a self avowed communist, and talks about his spirituality?! This just shows how brainwashed these people are, they don't even know what they believe. A Marxist/Communist do not believe in any God. One thing I can not figure out is if these people have so much compassion and desire for justice, where is the desire for justice when poor people steal from others?

  2. Serafinos

    You are the color of HATE — DECEIT — and a THUG of Ogodfather of the New World Order Mob of Chicago Dirty Politics Control!
    YOU are EVIL; convicted criminal; Black Panther; Marxist; Socialist – ADMITTEDLY at that!
    Czars belong in RUSSIA!
    This is AMERICA and the REVOLT from the Silent Majority has awakened!
    Tea Party Express — Sept 12 Washington DC!
    Across America starting August 28.
    Add the cities together – and we stand mass numbers strong!
    God knows the truth — and YOU!

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