Vecna, the Ascended | Critical Role RPG Episode 114

Vecna, the Ascended | Critical Role RPG Episode 114

Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha or Twitch at Vox Machina battles Vecna. Thanks to Marvel Puzzle Quest for…


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  1. Apexx27

    so can someone explain to me, is Vecna a character created by the actual D&D creators? he is not someone Matt came up with?
    but Matt did come up with the chroma conclave? Thordak and all that is Matts creation?

  2. Robin

    First off, Arkhan's exit was fuckin great lolz.

    Knowing that Matt's not really trying to kill the characters takes away from the tension when watching these battles, so it's been meh ever since. It's understandable since they're running a show and telling a story and not just a bunch of friends just playing. It's also funny when they act so bad ass like they got through this on their own lolz

  3. DevilJinKazama

    I understand that it's a tense fight, but..
    I wish they'd remember some of the more 'basic' things. Like Reactions being refreshed when your turn in the Initiative comes around again. Grog could've smacked that undead A-hole with Mage Slayer AGAIN.

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